Saturday, January 14, 2006

Go Broncos, Go Colts, Go anybody but the Patriots this year!

I seen a lot of Brady bashing going on this morning, and I must say that I don't have a problem with it seeing how I am a fan so I decided to join in. I think that somewhere in Tom Brady's mind he is saying, " "! I want the Patriots to lose so badly. It's time for a new Super Bowl Champ. I think that they made a wise decision in getting rid of Bledsoe for Tom. Then again the Bills picked up his predecessor. My Bills have been making some bad decisions of late. This is why they aren't in the Playoffs, so I am rooting for anyone in the AFC to please put a end to the Dynasty! Go Broncos! Can't believe I just typed that!

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Stephaine said...

"Hey, Broncos fans: how's this for a bad omen:

The Mighty Salute, a 22-foot long limousine, painted orange and black and decked out in Broncos logos, was stolen two weeks ago. It was later found in a Denver wrecking yard.

"I don't know. It's terrible. It broke my heart and now it's crushed," said Ralph Williams, also known as The Limo Driver. His 1973 Mercedes Benz made appearances during the team's two Super Bowl runs in the late 1990s and is even featured in their 1999 documentary.

Now it's one thing to have the bandwagon crash, and quite another to have it crushed into a cube. The Broncos are already being crowded out of the spotlight by the Patriots; the last thing they need is to worry about signs, augers and portents. Does the destruction of The Mighty Salute presage yet another playoff letdown in Denver?"

Chelle said...

Little Tiny Pats fans are so stinkin cute. ::Pats the font on the head:: Now, don't worry, the loss won't be to hard on ya.


Two Write Hands said...

Well, I guess being a resident of Indy, I better cheer on the colts. Even if those whiney millionaires want ME to buy their new stinking stadium.


Ari said...

hahaha funny as hell


Char said...

are the Packers in it this year? I like them! My football knowledge i limited to 'I like Cheeseheads'