Friday, January 20, 2006

Over before it Started!

This is The Cat!

I originally did a post about it in June, about how I wanted to ride The Fast Ferry, and how I also wanted to visit Canada. Now that won't be happening, and you want to know how I found out!

Yes a sign at a restaurant called Sticky Lips BBQ gave me the heads up! (I want to try there food so bad!! every time I walk by there, the smell of barbecue makes me Sooo Hungry)

"Ferry for sale, Call City Of Rochester! Will Sell for a song!"

If there were so many problems before, Our officials should have let Turkey get there hands on it. I guess I won't never be riding on the Ferry, at least I can still travel to Canada, as soon as I can get all of the necessary paper work taken care of.. Crazy!!!

Which reminds me, are there any other cities out there in the U.S. that accepts Canadian pennies, dimes, and nickels like Rochester does.

1 comment:

Ari said...

Man, am I glad that Sticky Lips is a BBQ place and not a strip joint. That being said, BBQ sounds really good right about now.

Sorry you never got to ride the ferry. I think places around here would accept canadian money. I'm not sure though.