Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Everyday Life 14

When you are a child life is carefree. You get up and do what your parents tell you. You go to school listen to your teachers, you come home do your homework. You play, and when its all said and done you go to bed. What happens when you grow up? You go to work, you have appointments, you pay your bills, you take care of your children. Sure you have time for yourself, but sometimes it isn't enough. Then there is your future, of course you have to think about the what if's, and retirement. If you don't plan ahead you may not be set for your future. There are unforeseen roadblocks, but you can soften them up if you are prepared for them.

Everything you want doesn't always necessarily go according to plan. When I was a kid there were two things I wanted to be when I got older. A teacher, or a firefighter. Neither one of those dreams ever came to light for personal reasons, but at least they were my dreams. I never planned on working at a grocery store. In fact I was one of those kids that made fun of the cashiers (paper or plastic). Fate can play a cruel ironic joke on you sometimes. I never really made a plan growing up while I was in school, and I didn't have anyone to guide me. My dad...well he was to busy with whatever he was doing to care about me, and my mom, well she was to busy supporting me and my siblings by working her butt off. When I was in high school, I really wanted to join this after school program called Prism, but I never planned on the teachers in charge telling me that I would need a parent to accompany me to the first meeting. It really sucked, because math was my favorite subject in high school, and my teacher Mrs. Densmore really wanted to encourage me to learn math, so I could do something with it in my future. Heck I probably could have been an engineer by now, but my mom had to work and well I barely ever saw my dad, so I didn't even bother.

I never planned on ever being an uncle. My sister Chandra once told me that if she ever had children, to kill her. I told her I would remember this, but I didn't take her up on her request. She doesn't remember saying this (whether because of time or by choice). I do, and now she is a mommy and that makes me uncle Charles.

I definitely never planned on being in this house. I was like, "as soon as I graduate I am out of here". There was too much hatred, for my step-father for me to even come downstairs to the living room and now here I am still living in the house avoiding him whenever he shows up.

Who knows what other curb balls I will get thrown at me. One thing is for sure, they I will learn from them and I will plan for a better tomorrow.


DesLily said...

when you make those plans.. DO, carry them out.. or they become the dreams that don't come true.

Ari said...

I was supposed to be a lawyer or a psychologist and here I am a housewife. I never planned on this, either, so I can relate. I think I had a minor breakdown about this last summer, when it was time for my tenth year high school reunion, in that I guess I realized that I hadn't achieved all I had set out to do. However, there comes a time when you have to be okay with yourself. Honestly? I've thought about getting a part-time job and the grocery store is the place to do it, so yeah. Don't feel bad about where you work, it doesn't define who you are. Sure, you should still have goals, never give up on your dreams, but be okay with yourself. Life doesn't always go the way you plan it to, but sometimes it's those detours that help you to become a better person.


Char said...

Ari is right on there, what you do is not who you are, who you are is the guy tht write this insightful and thoughtful piece that had me nodding and thinking and rock on I say! (I am saying rock on to a lot of people today, I think I have been unrocking on too much lately)

Red said...

I'm glad I decided to stop by today. What an insightful entry. When I was young I had a plan lay out as to the way my life was to go. It never happened, it went all wrong. But like you each choice had giving me a great lesson and while I am not who I had hoped, I am a accumulation of my life experiences and that isn't bad.
Just keep your dreams in fornt of you and your hopes alive, but enjoy where you are right now.

Charles said...

I hope this works. Jackie told me that she couldn't post a comment here! I'm sorry if I caused any problems with your computers, and thanx for the comments. I appreciate them. I'm trying, and I hope that everyone of your dreams come true.

Jackie said...

ZOOM - I made it. The blog was just hanging downloading some sort of data here with dial up. I know I should move into the modern age.

That said, to repeat a bit of my comment on the AOL Journal -- you don't give yourself enough credit. You've been employed for 7 years by the same employer; many can't say that. You're also a good person, something which can't be achieved by setting goals. It comes from within you.

Chelle said...

Yo Charles! First you have a winning name! My favorite Uncle who has finally been able to achieve many of his goals has the same name. It took him till his 40s to get there. He kept working at the same mill for years until the time was "right" you will know that time as it will hit you *SMACK* on da head!

Keep your chin up! And you SHOULD have made the advance towards the laundrymat chic. She now probably is wondering what is wrong with HER as you didn't say anything!

You are strong, intelligent, easy on the eyes from what I see, have a sense of humor, a job (even if it is in a grocery store) so WHAT! You could be jobless and homeless! What do you NOT have to offer? I'm still perplexed on that one.

ixrugkme.... ok my word verification looks pervy to me... ::ponders::

Stephaine said...

When I was in grade school I told the teacher I wanted to be a high-priced assasin. Yes, they called my father and had a chat.

Once I reached high school, I hated math and didn't want kids. 5 kids,10 years of working in accounting and one nervous breakdown when I hit 35 I realize while this isn't what I saw for myself it's okay.

What you do for a living isn't important, it's how you do it. Hang in there, you've got everything going for you. The road might be bumpy right now, but it will smooth out.

Stephaine said...
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ChasingMoksha said...

I wonder if it has to do with surviving day to day. When I was a kid each New Year came to be as a complete surprise. There was never a future, only day to day. You are talking like an old man Charles. If you want to be a teacher or an engineer, you have time, just go to school! Apply for aid, you will be surprise what is out there, live in the dorms, the aid will cover it, take a student loan if you have to. If I did not have any children/husband, my old ass would be in the dorm in a heartbeat and I am older than you...... Think about it...

Gabreael said...

When I was a child I wanted to be a nun. Strange huh?



Chelle said...

Men strike back ! ! !
How many men does it take to open a beer?
None. It should be opened when she brings it.

Why is a Laundromat a really bad place to pick up a woman?
Because a woman who can't even afford a washing machine will probably never be able to support you.

I guess it is a GOOD thing you didn't pick up that chic after all. The person who sent me that email is lucky I have a sense of humor!