Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Our Darkside Answers (I managed to fit it all on one post)

Remember when I asked asked ten of my own dark questions. Well here are the answers that some of you guys and gals. I must say that I liked all of Chuck's answers. He had me laughing so much, that I had tears coming out of my eyes and I almost fell out of my Chair!
My answers are in red!

1. What do you think is the weirdest thing that I have ever ate? While we are at it, what is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

Chuck: I think you've probably eaten a dog biscuit. But then again, everyone has had at least one dog biscuit. Except me. So that's not so weird, except in my book.
Now, as for my eating, do you mean "eaten and swallowed?" Cheap Jokes R Us.

Deslily: I ate a fried grasshopper once (tasted like a burnt potatoe chip)

Jodi: Hmmm..Dunno...Me? Honestly I am sure I have during the college deluge of fine spirits and I seem to have memory lapses of this time period. I would even go as far to say...this is most likely a good thing.
That I remember? I eat chips with Jam. Jalepinos on everything. Ketchup on eggs. Mayo with fries.

The weirdest thing That I have ever eaten was Chitlins (chitterlings)! The small intestines of pigs, especially when cooked and eaten as food. Trust me I will never eat them again, they taste nasty!

2. How old do you think I was when I lost my virginity? Have I lost my virginity???

Chuck: You lost your virginity when you were 21, but you're looking for it again. Sorry, Charlie. Once it's lost, it's gone.

Stephanie: (I liked this answer LOL) I don't know perhaps you should look under the bed.

Jodi: You have? Hmmm....

I lost my virginity when I was 25 at about 8pm on New Years day of 2001. I can tell you what street I was on, what I was doing before, what I was watching on TV...etc.

3. How much Chuck could a wood “Chuck” Chuck, if a wood “Chuck” could Chuck wood?

Ari: Depends on whether or not I'm in a french maid outfit or not. Mwahahaha

Chuck: You know, if I never, ever heard this fucking quote again, it would be way too soon. Just saying.

Deslily: a chuckfull of wood?

Jodi: I think we should ask Chuck

Stephanie: What kind of wood is it? WoW LOL

If you only new! Last year I tried to clean our backyard because some idiot dumped some car batteries back there, not to mention 5 years worth of leaves, trash and debris that was blown back there from other yards and our stupid cement barbecue grill that has been deteriorating for the last 10 years (we haven't used that thing since my graduationtion party/19th birthday party. Then there is the heart of this question. The bushes in our backyard is almost as tall as I am, and my stupid stepfather doesn't want me to cut them down, only to trim them. There are over 15 of those huge bushes in our backyard, i'd kill myself if I did this alone. Then there is the wooden fence that surrounds the neighboring houses in our back yard. It has given way to time and weather. I don't know if I ever put this in my journal, but I hate being called Chuck (no offense Chuck), in fact there is only one person to date that is still alive after calling me this name (LOL, actually Pon gave me no choice). Hence the question!

4. If I had three wishes, what do you think they would be?

Ari: Peace, love and harmony. Cuz that's just who you are. HAH! Yeah right! Just kidding! Most likely this would be the answer, but I would put that in one wish!

Chuck: You mean, aside from the obvious Miss America type wishes, although the thought of you in a strapless gown does not set my heart afire. Nothing personal - you're a hunka hunka burning love, but you're not my type. Well, of course wish one would be Amel Larrieux, but I'm so down with THAT wish that I'm having it too. Hm. Wish two would be a car, I'm guessing, and you don't even need a hugely expensive sled - just something nice to get to work and to bring your future wife out to dinner in. And since this is me making your wishes for you, I'm going to wish that you wished for a dedicated OC-3 connection to the internet, at no charge, for the rest of your life. How'd I do? You did Great LOL! You got two of 'em!

Deslily: money, power and 3 more wishes!

Stephanie: That I had great wealth, health and the ability to play any video game extremely well.

Jodi: Well the first one, is for three more wishes. Second one a big old plasma TV and the third??? Peace and good will.(Hee hee)

5. I think Amel Larrieux is hot, but who do you think I want to have one night with (you'd be surprised)?

Ari: Halle Barry? Grunting like Tim Allen! Or growling like this girl April I know, she had a sexy growl!

Chuck: Living or dead? I'm guessing you're a Josephine Baker kinda guy - shameless yet prissy in her own way. Maybe Venus Williams? I'm hoping however, that the answer is NOT Jaye Davidson. He's kinda creepy, and it pisses me off that he's got such a large package if he's such a fem.

Deslily: someone younger then me thats for sure! lol

Stephanie: her sister! She doesn't have any sisters...Sigh! In fact she is a only child.

Jodi: Noooooo....Not you

Actually I would like to spend a night with Drew Barrymore even if its just to chill and talk! Not necessarily in the way the question was written either. I don't know, for some reason I am attracted to her. I just think she is beautiful and funny. I like humor! I remember that time on David Letterman Drew flashed Dave for his birthday! I was so in shocked, and I wish that it was me in Daves chair!

6. If someone slipped and fell on there bottom, do you think I would take the high road, or the one at the bottom?

Deslily: ummmm.. huh?

Chuck: If there was blood, you'd be there helping in a second. But, if there were feet flying in the air, you'd be busting a gut, big time Yep I sure would!

Ari: Um. High road. Because breasts are higher than bottoms.

Stephanie: I think you would take the high road while snickering.

Jodi: Depends. All in all I think a giggle would be waiting.

7. If I was chosen to execute someone, what do you think my method of torture, I mean execution would be?

Deslily: I don't tIink i want to know!

Chuck: I bet you'd put rotten vegetables on someone and then let them be attacked by stoats. And there wouldn't be a way for them to weasel out of it either.

Ari: Man, I could never see you executing anyone. Kill them with kindess? I could try.

Omar: (which strangly enough was the only question he answered. I thought he would have went crazy with these questions) My brother, this answer is too simple. Being members of the darkside, we are notorious for the dreaded...lightning from the finger tips...we have that skill set. For example please observe Tom Cruise executing Oprah. Tom Cruise Kills Oprah

Stephanie: An eternity of dealing with the worst customer you have ever had. LMAO

Jodi: To listen to Barry, and flashes of Colin Firth Wow Really Laughing now!

My answer was going to be, "Strap them to a table and slowly stretch there limbs until they break off, while making them watch all of the worst reality shows on television, but I think I would add the stoats and worst customer in the mix along with a bit of lightening from the fingertips!

8. The Universe suddenly morphed, warped and collapsed in on itself by forms of cosmic radiation and enormous gravity wells, causing it to implode and then explode. Miraculously everyone and everything survives, but everything has changed in a weird way. What comic or Cartoon Character do you think fate would ultimately change me into? What do you think the new Crazy world would have in store for you?

Jodi is still pondering! LOL

Deslily: Bart Simpson? lol..

Stephanie: The Green Lantern What do you think the new Crazy world would have in store for you? I'd be the wife from Family Guy.

Chuck: You would be changed into Captain Underpants! And me, I'd become a nice guy.

Ari: Most likely I'd be a villain. But you'd be on the good side, and we'd be arch enemies. That would suck ass. I guess I'll just have to bring you over to the bad guys. Actually Ari I was thinking I would end up like a villian, A Marvel Character. He looks like Spider Man, but he is a Doppelganger. In fact that is his name is Doppelganger!

9. What could possibly go wrong if I had control of the Universe? I dunno, I was just asking, eveyrthing would be perfect in my world!

Chuck: I think you'd probably do in Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, which would be bad because then I'd have no one to hate.

Deslily: ohhhlord.. i REALLY don't want to know that one!

Ari: Every woman would have to go out and buy bigger bras. double take!

Stephanie: We'd have to worship that chick you have the hots for. All Hail Amel Larrieux!

Jodi: Oh MY....I plead the 5th

10. Boxers, Briefs, or free as the wind? (Guys don't have to answer, but they can share what they wear or don't wear!)

Deslily: boxers..thats like free as the wind anyway lol

Jodi: I prefer boxers.

Stephanie: Why did guys get out of this question? LOL, because some guys feel awkward when it comes to underwear.

Ari: Boxerbriefs.

Chuck had the funniest answer: Boxers, of course. My favorite is Ali, with Sugar Ray Leonard second and Marvin Hagler a very close third.

I am a boxers kind of guy!

Thanx to everyone for taking part. I hope you had some fun with this, and that we all laughed!


Ari said...

Hahaha, Chuck never fails to crack me up. Those were great answers by all. I love these things.


Stephaine said...

Everyone had great answers,even the Broncos fan. I'm with Ari, I love these things.

Jod{i} said...

HA HA HA.......OH MY WORD! That was awesome!
Chuck cracks me up! Boxers...lol