Thursday, February 02, 2006

Am I Thinking That? (Explicit Mode)

Favorite quote on my mind at the moment: From Bruce Almighty-"Hey, little anal-dwelling butt monkey. Time for you to go home, little buddy".

Listening to: Kermit and Big Bird Stoned on Sesemea Street (I have the audio saved to my computer thanks to my weed smokin' friend and her 248 songs that she downloaded to her hard drive which I am in possession of now...Long Story). If you hadn't noticed I am looking for things to make me laugh.

Ya Know, at first I didn't even know if I was up for writing in my journal. I still feel a little saddened from Last Saturday's events. Still feel distracted a little weak, but I managed to find a little bit of a distraction, from some inspiration via the memory card in my phone. My emotions are still out of whack though. I will not hesitate to post how I truly feel at the moment.

Yesterday when I was at work, I had this customer who is...Well...He looked like Igor’s Big fat ASS brother. Or maybe you can say he looked like the The Hunchback Of Notre Dame . In any case, can you tell I hate this guy (oh yeah). This guy is pretty big, and he probably could kick my butt and all, just by sitting down on me. He came to my job and paid his phone bills (emphasize the illssss). Okay at first I was like "Okay I know I don't like this guy, but I can still help him, and get him out of here". Okay I am going about my business, and as soon as I say may I help you, I get overwhelmed, by this, smell to end all smells. I mean it was so gross, I wanted to puke my brains out and stuff my nose inside them. It smelled like he let every cat in the neighborhood piss on him, while he bathed in week old kitty litter. I just wanted to go into my uncontrollable beserker rage (like I am doing right here). All I can say is that I get to go off now, because of the torture I endured at work. He hands me a phone bill and I am like okay I can handle this, just take shallow breaths. I finish it, and he must have known that I knew that he smelled, because he says with an attitude, "Oh I'm not done yet, I have way more". I guess I can blow the shallow breaths out the window, and my stink breath into his face. He had another phone bill, and six money orders. Ten minutes of torture that I had to endure, it's little comfort, that there was a woman standing right next to him waiting to be helped. I felt bad for her!

Question: If a tree falls down in a forest, and no one was there to see, does it still make a sound?

Okay that is a philosophical question that has been asked for ages, but try answering my philosophical question. If a Elderly person walks into a store with a walker, and does not walk out with it, did the Elderly person leave?

I'm still trying to figure that one out! Did aliens come kidnap him/her? Did they shrivel up into a raisin and eventually turn into ashes? Did someone kidnap the person in question take them to there lab and do experiments on them on how not to age, in turn finding a "Fountain Of Youth" cure for aging? Or maybe it was the walker that forgot to bring it's owner. Sometimes I forget to zip up my fly, but this is way out there. I mean how did this person come in the store, and just leave without remembering that they need a walker to aid them in there endeavor to walk. We've got lost gloves, canes, umbrellas, wallets, keys, glasses, id's/cards, a Crystal Method CD, but the walker is a new one for me.

On a final note. Ari has taken time off from journaling. I'm going to miss her. Come to think of it, Tilly of "Adventures of a desperately fat housewife" hasn't written in awhile either.

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