Monday, January 02, 2006

~No Generics~

Yeah I am doing a repeat entry ... So what! (Just kidding) I just have to explain why I put this tag up that I made. Read the entry below and you will understand why. 10/25/05

Quality, not Quantity or less expensive!

I initially took this picture, because the power in our house went out this summer. The Electric company was working on something and they knocked out the power on our block. I never used it, because it reminded me of that night. We had a lot of Drama going on, a lot of "heated discussions". I think its because it was hot and everyone was grumpy.

Now I'm using it because of my television. I remember when I first bought that thing. I asked my mother to take us to Wal-Mart the day after Thanksgiving two years ago so I could buy it. First off, I just want to say if you want to get the item, get there early. I did I got my mom up at five in the morning, she had to take my sister Chandra to a friends house anyways. When we got there we noticed that the line to get in was huge. Jevon and I thought we were going to be at the end, but it turns out that the end of the line would eventually stretched all of the way to the one side of the store, slightly around it and then all the way back to the beginning of the line, which was at the front door. We were way better off than we had first thought. While we were waiting a Wal-Mart employee was giving out the tickets for items that they were sure to sell out almost instantly. The Television was one of them. So I got the ticket, and when the doors open, everyone made a dash for the door. When we got in there to our surprise we were the first ones to get in line at one of the registers. I gave the cashier the ticket, she wrung me up and cashed me out and bam, done right.... Wrong I had to go find the stupid thing (as a note the editor of this Journal refers to any and every inanimate object as "Stupid" out of frustration). So Jevon and I headed to the electronics (Jevon was dodging and weaving like he was playing football)department, and we didn't see any 27" Symphonic TV's there. So we asked a clerk, and he told us to go to Floral. We went to floral and their wasn't any televisions there either. Then I got a call from my mother telling me that she was still here and she wanted to know how much longer it would take for us to get the television. I told her of the situation and then we went looking for someone that we thought might have a clue. We found a manager and he told us that it was outside on the side of the store. Back into the cold we went, and while we were in the cold we waved to our mom to tell her to follow us, and then we ran to the side and stood in a line to wait for them to unload my T.V. off of a truck. When I finally got it, I had to take it out of the box so it would fit into the car and lift that heavy sun of a gun into the car by myself because there wasn't enough room for two people to place it in there. When we got home I carried that thing up the stairs myself too. My mom can't lift heavy things, and for some reason I didn't want to bother Jevon with it so I carried it up two flights of stairs to get to my bedroom and I just placed it on the floor to get my bearings. My back was killing me, but it was like a good pain though, I had a 27" T.V. and that's all that mattered.

I have had that thing for two years, and I bought it, because I thought my 19" Phillips/Magnavox T.V. was going to die on me. Last night my stupid T.V. started puttering and the screen went black and then cut off. Never came back on, so now I HAVE A NEW ENEMY! Not the coats, not the glasses, not the T.V. My new Enemy is the maker of Generic TV's, VCR's, the works. I hate You Mr. 2nd rate, Low Quality, Cheap Parts, Sub-Par, Profit Margin, Generic Company Executives! Suck my big toe and then place yourself on the bulls-eye I made outside my house so I can drop my television on your "you know what" from my bedroom. My Phillips/Magnavox T.V. is still going strong. Its in our living room for all to see now, and I purchased it seven years ago. Guess what kind of T.V. I am getting!

If you think about it the power is out again...for my television....Forever! At least when I put it out to the curb on Garbage Day someone will take it and either use it for spare parts, or sell it as scrap metal. My contribution of the week!

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