Friday, January 06, 2006

My Powers Over The Darkside (Raising my left eyebrow with a evil Grin)

I can't believe I am writing a disclaimer!

Please, Please don't be offended by what I wrote. Its all good, my only intent is to have some fun. No intentions to upset or harm anyone...That is All!

Read the questions and then answer them. The Dark Soul will pick the answers he like most and post them on a future journal entry.
Now i'm asking that anyone who wants to participate, to send me there answers via email (

1. What do you think is the weirdest thing that I have ever ate? While we are at it, what is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

2. How old do you think I was when I lost my virginity? Have I lost my virginity???

3. How much Chuck could a wood “Chuck” Chuck, if a wood “Chuck” could Chuck wood?

4. If I had three wishes, what do you think they would be?

5. I think Amel Larrieux is hot, but who do you think I want to have one night with (you’d be surprised)?

6. If someone slipped and fell on there bottom, do you think I would take the high road, or the one at the bottom?

7. If I was chosen to execute someone, what do you think my method of torture, I mean execution would be?

8. The Universe suddenly morphed, warped and collapsed in on itself by forms of cosmic radiation and enormous gravity wells, causing it to implode and then explode. Miraculously everyone and everything survives, but everything has changed in a weird way. What comic or Cartoon Character do you think fate would ultimately change me into? What do you think the new Crazy world would have in store for you?

9. What could possibly go wrong if I had control of the Universe?

10. Boxers, Briefs, or free as the wind? (Guys don’t have to answer, but they can share what they wear or don’t wear!)


Gabreael said...

Who is Amel Larrieux?


The Dark Lord Omz said...

My brother from the DARKSIDE!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA.....

Chelle said...

evil chocolate..... ::ponders::

Ari said...

Done! Yay!


DesLily said...

1-I ate a fried grasshopper once (tasted like a burnt potatoechip)
2-trick question right?
3-a chuckfull of wood?
4-money, power and 3 more wishes!
5-someone younger then me thats for sure! lol
6-ummmm.. huh?
7-I don't think i want to know!
8-bart simpson? lol..
9-ohhhlord.. i REALLY don't want to know that one!
10-boxers..thats like free as the wind anyway lol