Friday, March 10, 2006

Truth or False

Okay this is self-explanatory. Ten Questions All you have to do is answer true or false.

Whoever (even if all of you get them right) gets them all right gets to ask me Ten Questions! (Have until Friday)

1st one's easy!

1. My favorite singer is Janet Jackson.

2. My Dogs names are Bouk and Jet.

3. My sister Ablah drew the picture in my profile.

4. My favorite video game is Final Fantasy X.

5. Scalzi and Joe inspired me to start my own Journal.

6. The first song I posted in my journal was Believe in Love.

7. I consider myself nice.

8. I once did a meme called Secret Sentence.

9. I like Star Wars more than I like Star Trek.

10. My Dad is the reason I like the Buffalo Bills.

So do you think you can get them all right. Give it a shot. Some people have an advantage over others, because I shared info about me in there journals as comments, or have been reading my journals longer than others but hey that doesn't matter, because its all here, or here.


DesLily said...

Well I haven't been into journals that long but I do know SOME of your answers!
1 false
2 true
3 true
4 dunno for sure
5 dunno
6 hmm dunno that either
7 true
8 true
10 dunno..

i love love love george lucas and star wars.. but your loyalty better be with TREK!! lol lol

Charles said...

4 out of 10. I bet you would have gotten more Deslily if you had put true or false instead of I dunno! You have a 50/50 chance LOL.