Thursday, March 30, 2006

Metal Gear Solid: Amel's Beauty

It's been four days since my last post here. I actually started another journal for myself. I posted there Monday, and I started exercising. I don't know exactly what I am going to do with it, but I have an idea in my head. As for the other days, I wasn't feeling up to writing on Tuesday, and Wednesday I had an appointment to keep.

Monday I got irritated because I had to stay up late, in order to go on the internet. We only have one phone line, and five 1/2 people living here (LOL). Two of them are tweens, well actually one of them is a tween. She still talks on the phone forever. My problem is, that I like to stay online for a long time, and well my sisters (rightfully so) want to stay on the phone a long time too. So I made a decision to call AOL and get AOL broadband. I got the $25.09 deal that AOL has been advertising, for the past 7 months here. They also kept sending me emails about it. I got it Wednesday and I couldn't leave my computer after the hook up. I remember the representative telling me Monday that this would happen to me. Boy was he right, I must been online for four hours straight, and I would have been late for work, if one of my friends online didn't mention something that sparked my memory. When I came home, I stayed online to nearly 1am in the morning chatting. I think that same day the first Journal I visited was
This, and That and Hockey, because I been wanting to read D's journal and see her animations for some time, but my computer would take forever to load it, because of the animations.

Today, I took my new found speed to new heights, and I looked at two of Amel Larrieux's videos. I couldn't before, because we don't have cable. So I ended up watching the choppy/crummy dial-up versions. Today I got to see her beautiful face (sigh of happiness) in a clear stream. It made me so happy that I almost cried (not really crying) .

I also went to one of my favorite websites. I hadn't been there in awhile because of the lack of speed (I was the coyote). Now I am going to go there and explore a little more.
Newgrounds is a cool website, but it has some questionable content that I wouldn't recommend. I mean who would want to dress celebrities? I like there flash movies, most of them make crack up until fall to the floor and start foaming at the mouth. If you have ever played Metal Gear Solid you can relate to this Parody that I found on Newgrounds. It's called Metal Gear: Awesome, and it had me dying (Warning if you don't like toilet humor, stay away!) Now I am going to look for that Atari Kung Fu Game that I played as a kid. Someone made a flash version of it and made it thousand times better, and funnier!

Then I am gonna Eat!


DesLily said...

Good for you!! I can tell how happy you are with the broadband! was it hard to put the other modem on?? I think i heard they send it to you and YOU do the work!

Gee now i know who to send to sites I can't stand to wait and download and have you tell me how nice they are LOL..

Chris said...

Isn't it great to be able to fly through web pages. I hate to tell you but in about 6 months, even DSL will seem slow and you'll want something faster, ha ha ha.

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