Sunday, March 05, 2006

I told ya!

This is a rare Sunday post, but I just had to do it. L.O.B. found something interesting for all of us to see. There is this website called Bombay TV, that has movies that you can add your own subtitles to. I did mines just click here. What is it about? Lets just say I have a eccentric imagination. I warned you in the previous entry. I hope you like it. LOL

There won't be any Disclaimers! LOL


Stephaine said...

OMG....LMAO!!!! You da man!!

Chelle said...

::sighs:: I can't see none of these thingies as I won't download something, due to being on dial up. Yes, that is correct. DIAL UP! They don't offer nut'n else out here in da boonies... I shall look tomorrow

Gabreael said...



The Dark Lord Omz said...

You're quite disturbed. But hey, its all good!