Thursday, March 16, 2006

Neglect is illegal...

...But as far as I know I can't go to jail for neglecting myself. Lately I have been letting things in my life slip by me.

1. We all know that my love life sucks. I have let at least three women in my life slip by me and I didn't even try (not once) to tell them how I felt, and then it was too late. The first I never told her how I felt about her, because she claimed that she wouldn't date a guy that is younger than her (I am a month and three days younger than her). The second, I gathered up the courage and told her, but by then she was already involved with someone (too late, story of my life). The third one, didn't even bother, because I felt that I was out of her league. I thought that she was just so beautiful, and I felt that she would deserve better than me. So now I am in limbo as far as love is concerned. I don't even try to converse, because sometimes I am like Checkov when Captain Kirk is around (Can't get the girl). Better yet I am like Harry Kim on Voyager, I fall for the wrong girl, or the impossible girl.

2. I have been neglecting this one in a lot of facets of my life. I have deliberately hid and removed it from my life and my blog, because I see it almost everyday of my life. Red used to be my number one favorite color, but I have hidden it or removed it from my life because to me it represents my struggles and my anger, and my pain (what do you think blue represent to me?). Well there is also the fact that my the uniform shirt at work is red, and I have to wear the color almost everyday at work. I am not going to deny the color red anymore. Red is a part of me, and it will always be apart of me. I mean think of three of my favorite characters....

Fievel From the move An American Tail. Blue Hat, red shirt, and Blue pants. (We're a duo, a duo, A pair of lonely ones who were meant to be a two. Oh, a duo, it's true-o, wherever we go, we're going me and you!)

Autobots, Transform and roll Out!

Spider Sense Tingling!

So I won't deny the color red anymore, because I have some favorite moments involving my other favorite color.

I have been up since 4 this morning, and I started this post just before 6am. It's now 8:06am and I figured out that I have been neglecting something else. I have been neglecting my big head. It's time for me to get a new pillow! How do I know, I am glad you asked. It has become unfluffable (is that a word). I can't fluff the pillow anymore. The life of the feathers inside have fluffed out! I am so freakin' fluffed I could rip my fluffin' pillow apart and fluff the feathers down the toilet. This last month has been kind of a pain in the neck, because I would wake up with a pain in my neck, and then I would proceed to complain about the pain in my neck. But here is the funny part, it wouldn't register in my fluffin' brain that I needed a new pillow. I have been to Wal-Mart this month and instead of getting a pillow I got two games, and a memory card for my MP3 player. You'd think, that I would remember sleep is a necessity. Unfortunately, for me so are pillows! Too bad there isn't an "Ultimate Pillow" out there! One where fluffing isn't required. Either a self-fluffer (fluffinator), or a pillow that doesn't need fluffing (Just stop, drop and snore). I need some snoring time!


Charles said...

When I come home from work, I am watching An American Tail, for old times sake!

Two Write Hands said...

The movie makes me cry! :)

Judith HeartSong said...

fluffinator...... get yourself a new pillow man:)

Gabreael said...

Awwweee Charles. The biggest part is acknowleding it and the second part is taking action.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!!!!!


Stephaine said...

I am so freakin' fluffed I could rip my fluffin' pillow apart and fluff the feathers down the toilet.

You know I ended up saying floilet.

I heart Fievel.

Chris said...

I took a "great friend/wished she was my girlfriend" to see this movie as a date when it came out.

I would take you to task on the romance thing but I was bad when I was younger. I dated a lot, but I very very rarely ever asked someone out unless they basically said "If you ask me out I'd say yes". I wish I could take my confidence I have now and go back to 18 years of age. No one is ever out of your league on looks alone.

Hang in there!
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