Thursday, March 09, 2006

A Question and a Drop

Man, sometimes it can take me forever to answer a question. I guess it could me a memory problem, or lazy problem. Maybe it's a combination of the two. I don't know, but I do know that Deslily's question was a very interesting question that I had to answer. So I am answering it here!

"cute Charles... between this and other posts, it makes me wonder.. Do you enjoy doing word puzzles?"

The answer to that question would have to be Yes! Puzzles do intrigue me. Anything from the jumbles in the newspaper, to figuring out how to put something together. It's relaxing to me for the most part. There was this video game that I wanted when I was a teenager, called Intelligent Qube. "In the game, the player controls a character who must run around a platform made of cubes, capturing certain cubes as they approach. Cubes are captured by marking a spot on the stage, waiting for the cube to roll on top of it, and then capturing it with a button press". I could never find it, because it was a rare sale in the U.S. It made me upset when the clerk told me this. I have the Demo, but you can only go so far with that. I want the full version, and I wish that SCEI would make another one. I would really appreciate it thank you very much.

Recently I have been getting into another type of puzzle called Sudoku. It's all Mal's fault (Thanx Mal its addictive ). I take Sudoku puzzles to work with me everyday now. When I log off from the internet I am going to play me some puzzle games. It's kind of Addicting I went out to Wal-Mart the other night and bought a computer version, and I also bought Tetris (another puzzle game). I like Tetris, in fact I used to play it to death on my Nintendo Gameboy (those were the days). When I stayed with my Aunt Cyndi, she kicked my but in it. I couldn't compete (she kicked my butt), but I really enjoyed spending time with her. Funny thing is, when I opened the Tetris package, there wasn't a disk in the case. I had to have my mother take it back and get a replacement while I was at work. My friend Shannon said that she hoped that they wouldn't give me a hard time about it. They better had not, because I paid for it along with the Sudoku game and a memory card for my Siren MP3 player. It's not like I was trying to get two for the price of one, because all I need is one.

You'll never guess what? Go ahead try, I will give you 20 periods....................

Amel Larrieux is releasing her third album this April called Morning. Can you Say Happy Camper. I mean I had the hugest grin on my face ever. I got up and did my I can't dance, dance, and jumped for joy. The next thing I did was call my mom, because I was going to explode if I didn't tell anyone. You'd think I just found out that I was going to become a parent or something. I checked her website a couple of days ago and my eyes popped open. Any fatigue that I was feeling beforehand vanished in the instant I saw the words "free download". So I got the free download to hold me over until April 25th. I just hope (please Amel) that her album is released on April 25th because her Bravebird album took upwards of three years to be realeased. They kept Changing the release dates. I didn't know what was going on, but I waited patiently until it was released in 2004. Which reminds me. On her old website called Blissgroup there was this animated GIF of three kids playing ring around the rosie. That was a nice graphic. I wish she kept it on blisslife. I can't wait for her new album. I am going to rush out (even if I have to call in sick, or maybe I will even do a no call, no show) and buy her album. In fact I will by two. I learned from the last time when I wore out Infinite Possibilities. I bought three of those. I had to buy two Groove Theory CD's and I ended up buying two Bravebirds, because I dropped my first one and cracked it. Now I am going to buy two Morning CD's. One as a keepsake, and another as a master copy, and burn copies to disc and wear them out. Can't you tell I have this all thought out already. I'm counting down the days. Now it seems like time is going slower! Hmmm I wonder why?


Gabreael said...

Ok, cute Charles. I really like your new profile picture.



DesLily said...

Well, whadaya know! I was right for a change lol.. you DO like puzzles and such! cool hahaha.

Charles, you are so cute when it comes to Amel Larrieux lol.. I hope one day you get to see her in person!!

Charles said...

Thank You Gabreal, when i tell my sister she will most likely tell me to tell you thank you too.

Deslily (Pat, You and my mom share the same name)
I hope one day you get to see her in person!!

If I ever meet her it would be one of the happiest days of my life. Although I would probably choke and stumble with every word and thought. Thanks for the wish.