Sunday, March 26, 2006

Searchin' For, Searchin' For, Searchin' For my Screen Name

Okay, Okay DesLily recently answered a question that I was curious to find out. She revealed how she came up with her screen name. Then she asked to tell the story behind our screen name if it isn't the same as our real name.

Here we go!

It all started after my mother cancelled her ISP (can't remember the name of it) in 1999. I decided to get AOL. When I first signed with AOL back in 2000 I had to come up with a screen name, as part of the sign up. I wanted something that no one else had. My first yahoo screen name was AllCharles (all mines). I thought about getting that, but it was "All" used up as far as I was concerned. I kept trying different things, but all of my ideas were taken, and then I noticed a suggestion in small print telling me to use two of my favorite songs as part of my screen name (here it comes). Anyone that has read my blog before knows who my favorite singer is right. Dare I say it...Amel Larrieux! I used two of her songs. They are called I N I, and Searching For My Soul. I came up with inisoul. Both songs had some things in it that I could relate to at that time.

Unfortunately as far as my screen name is concerned I cancelled my AOL service later the same year and went to Net Zero for a couple of years and then cancelled it because it didn't agree with my mothers computer. After a hiatus from the internet I came back to AOL in August 2004, and I tried to get inisoul back as my login, but once you use a screen name and cancel you can use it again. You can only use it for instant messaging. So I decided to add the "C" because of my name. That's how my screen name became cinisoul. I can finally catch my breath. LOL


Charles said...
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DesLily said...

Wow that is cool! See? I knew everyone had a story!! You could also have tried adding the number 2 to the end of it (meaning the second time around for the name) I've had to do that when some places need a sign on name that isn't your screen name. Thanks for answering Charles!!

gee, I see you deleted a post I hope it wasn't that same person that keeps trying to post on my blogspot journal.. what a pita!!

Gabreael said...

My stupid master screen name that was assigned to me by a stupid AOL tech person is spelt wrong. They spelt my fricken name wrong. I cannot use that email nor delete it. How lame is that?


Jod{i} said...

I love how people got there names...
Mine is an AOL thing...we used to have our own(I was Mzdaizy for quite a while and the JodiO143...then we just now share our one)
Here though I am daizie825...Simple formula, I love daisies and 825 is me bday!

Ari said...

Ah that's pretty interesting. I did wonder about that. I like your screenname. It's unique and it really fits you.

Missed ya, buddy,


Stephaine said...

Cool story. I'm lame, I just used my name.

Chris said...

Mine stood for

Because I was heavy into triathlons when I came up with that screen name in 1993.

My Blog

Da Gal said...

A good friend gave me this nickname. prior to that I always went by msmegnolia... a combination of my name and the magnolia flower. I started using that in 1997 and its stuck!