Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen (round 2)

Thirteen Names That I have been given

1. Charles (Obvious)

2. Andrew (My Middle Name)

3. Drew (My Aunt Gwen)

4. Andy (Everyone in my family calls me this, because I am my fathers namesake)

5. Chuck (My High School best friend Pon)

6. Charlie Brown (My friend Randi)

7. Charlsie Walsie (My sister Ablah)

8. (LOL) Well I am having a hard time spelling this one, because I keep coming up with BRA (no not the women's undergarments). When we were little, my brother Jevon wouldn't call me by my name, he would say an abbreviated version of brother. The best I can do as far as spelling and pronunciation is concerned is

9. Buddy:
I have no idea why. This girl named Arica that I knew from high school (which she rarely attended by the way), who also lived down the street from me used to call me this, and she had her entire family calling me this name. I wanted to go name my bat buddy and pop them upside the head every time they called me Buddy! I got your buddy right here buddy.

10. C.W. (Someone always has to used the initials right.)

11. Charlie (Not to be confused with Charlie Brown) In any case I hate being called either one, but for some reason whenever this girl named Zena would say Charlie, it would turn me on. I just loved her accent.

12. Chaz:
I liked this one, although it is a typical "Charles" name. In fact I had a embroidered hat in middle school with the name Chaz on it.

13. Here is another difficult spelling: Ant'o'nee! One of my babysitters (well actually she was more than just a babysitter) used to call me that. Never could figure out why.

Extra Credit: The initials (without using the J in Jr. ) in my name spell CAW, which is ironically the word used to describe that annoying sound made by my fan club....The Crows!

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Stephaine said...

Chaz was also the name of the cool alter ego or cousin of Charles on Charles in Charge.

Charles said...

I used hate hearing the theme song of Charles in Charge. I used to hear it alot as a kid, and I still have to deal with the torture from time to time today.

Charles in Charge of our days and our nights,

Charles in Charge of our wrongs and our rights.

The show was okay...but the song outlives the show. My Achilles Heel!