Saturday, March 04, 2006

Only in my mind!

I finally finished my income taxes and sent them in the mail on Friday. I kept putting it off, saying I'll do them tomorrow, I'll do them on my next day off, I'll do them when I come home from work. Well I should have just did them, and got it done and over with. I remember last year I finished them as soon as I got the freakin' W-2's. Since we are talking about procrastination, I should mention that I was supposed to get a car last year, and I didn't. I kept saying that I'll wait until I get my tax return. That came and gone and this year I am saying the same thing. Hopefully I will get a car this year. (turning caps lock on) NO, I WILL GET A CAR THIS YEAR.

I changed my picture in my profile to the drawing of my sister Ablah's drawing (Chris' idea) that I posted in a previous entry. I kinda looked smug in the other picture, and I didn't like that. Heck I don't like taking pictures at all, but I force myself sometimes. I will probably try taking a new round of pictures, but I don't see this happening any time soon, especially since I haven't even charged the batteries for my camera in like a month. I was hoping for a (caps lock again) A WHOPPING SNOW STORM, with 20 inches or more. So far we haven't got it in the last 3-4 years. All the blizzards managed to go south or north of us. In some case they form after they pass us. It's like Rochester has an immunity for big storms. I don't remember seeing a giant needle appearing out of the blue stabbing the flower city in the stem, and hearing a voice saying, that'll make it all better now. Okay, maybe that was a little dumb, but I just wanted to make a sign and put it in the snow. It would have said, "Taking the lowest bidder to shovel our snow! Bidding starts at $5".

Sometimes I wish I can act on some of the silly things that pop in my head. I intended to act on that one, to see if someone would actually shovel our mountain for under five bucks. I have had other thoughts on my mind that were out of this world before. Once I imagined myself lying in the street, letting cars run over my back, because my back was hurting me (oh yeah, now that's the spot...Do it again).

Then there are times where I am like, "I could have sworn"! How does Mortal Kombat, and The Simpsons relate in Charles' head? Anyone that has ever played Mortal Kombat remembers the flying kick that Liu Kang makes when he attacks his enemies. For the life of me I could never understand what he was saying. At one point I wanted to know so bad that I kept picking Liu Kang whenever I was in battle, and I would keep doing the kick to listen to what he was saying. It sounded like Bruce Lee on crack cocaine. Where does the Simpsons come in? There was an episode of the Simpsons where the character Sideshow Bob, is released from Springfield prison on parole and decides to Kill Bart Simpson. When The Thompsons (er...The Simpons) arrive on Terror Lake, there is this one scene where Homer busts through Bart's door to his room with a knife in one hand and a plate of brownies in the other and he says, "Bart you want some brownies before you go to bed" really, really fast. After I heard this I decide that this is what Liu Kang is saying...Yep! With every thrust and every kick, yep this is what Liu Kang is saying when he does the Flying Kick! I remember when we were younger I had my brother rolling on the floor dying of laughter when I told him this. I still have that Mortal Kombat game On the Nintendo 64, and I still have the tape to that Simpsons episode floating around somewhere too. I wonder if I am the only one out there with crazy thoughts. Believe my I have some more.

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