Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Final Battle, A New Beginning

Remember my nemesis? At first we were the best of friends, we were inseparable. I need them more than they needed me though. You can go and read this entry and find out how we became the greatest of enemies of all time. We were like struggling with each other back and forth. It would try to find ways to outsmart me, and I would find ways to prevent his plots of revenge. Now I realize however that it wasn't revenge that my nemesis was looking for. My nemesis was looking for an end. An end to the horrifying "Introduction" (I bet it still has nightmares). I tried to save them by going to The "Empire of Optometrist" to get help, I was told that it only have a short time to live. So I found creative ways to keep my nemesis going until I could find a new ally. Who is my nemesis? It's my very first pair of glasses, which broke a week before my 30 birthday (what a gift).

Without them I had headaches galore, with them I could see some more. That's why I thought my glasses were out to get me. I thought they wanted me to suffer as much as they did when I introduced them to my butt. The hole where the screw had fallen out was stripped, after I sat on my glasses. So a screw wouldn't work anymore. I had found an ingenious way to temporarily solve the problem, I used needle and thread to encase the lens in the frame. I sewed the thread threw the screw hole several times (a lot of times actually), until both ends of the frame that had the lens in it were together again. Then I placed the lens in and tightened the thread, and I tied knots. It worked, and I even inspired one of my co-workers to do the same thing after her boyfriend sat on her glasses. Originally I had thread showing on the outside of the frame, but after the second attempt I figured out that it would work with the thread on the inside (the part of the frame facing my eyes). That way no one could see the thread. Then I realized it worked even better for some reason. The thread wouldn't get loose for along time until last week....

Last week when I was walking home my lens popped out, luckily I saw it as it was happening and I got my lens. Luckily it fell and slid to the edge of the curb (yeah luckily). The next day I went to work and I told my co-worker Shannon about what happened, and we got a little chuckle. That night when I walked home my lens popped out (again), and this time I didn't realize it. I was deep in thought over the issue with my friend and the invite to her party, and I was lost in the music in my MP3. When I got home, I took my glasses off, because the remaining lens became foggy, which in turn notified me that there was something wrong here. "Why is one lens foggy and the other isn't?" It's simple, because the stupid thing fell out. I became very upset, and my mom suggested that I go and look for it. It's a long walk to and from work, and it was windy out. So I decided to only walk as far as the end of my street, and I found nothing (no surprise). I decided that I would look for it on my way to work the next day, but it snowed (if it ain't one thing...). My nemesis got it's victory over me, it has won. Let the headaches commence, let the blurry and fuzzy vision reign supreme, and let everyone's faces turn blank. Let the anger rise, let the frustrations come in with the tide, and let the complaints commence.

Yesterday I went and bought a new pair of glasses at Lens Crafters with part of my Federal income tax refund. I didn't get the chance to burn a hole in my pocket. Hopefully the $300.00 I spent is a good investment. Hopefully this time around I won't traumatized or introduce my new glasses to my butt. I learned from my last experience. I guess I can call it a practice run. My sister Ablah admitted to me that she didn't like my nemesis. She likes my new pair of glasses, and so do I.


Angelia Rian said...

I have yet to sit upon my own glasses, but I have the awful habit of leaving them for others to sit on... Although, thus far, the current pair has been spared any such mishaps... Probably because I have been doing my damndest to put them *back* in the case when I take them off to put my contacts in... But with my luck, this is just a temporary state of affairs... ;)

Ari said...

I like your new ones too. A couple of years ago, I bought brand new glasses. Well, we went for a motorcycle ride, so I hung them on the collar of my shirt, figuring they'd be safe there. Nope... they flew right out and shattered on the highway. That was the day after I bought them. I felt like such a heel going in again to get yet another pair.

At least your nemesis lasts you longer than mine did!