Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Belated Nod

I would have posted this sooner. Heck the last two entries would have been posted sooner, if it wasn't for my foot. April 25 I put aside my little ban from riding the city bus, and I rode one to downtown Rochester to Midtown Plaza (Sidenote: the picture on Midtown's webpage makes it look better than it actually is). When I got there I went to Record Theater and looked for Amel Larrieux's New CD entitled Morning. I couldn't find it at first, because they didn't have it with all the other CD's under her name. I asked the clerk, who didn't know Amel was. I was about to walk away upset, until she told me that there was a endcap (a little endcap), right behind me that had new releases in it. I looked at all the music in the case, but it wasn't there, and then again I was about ready to give up and go to work upset. Then all of a sudden, I noticed that there were to little racks on the side of the endcap. To my surprise there they were, I was happy, but I was upset.

These record stores do there best to promote big name acts like 50 cent, but when someone that is not a part of the mainstream comes out with a new album they don't give them the time of day. I remember how I came to know of a song called Teardrop, by a group called Massive Attack. The song was being played over the speakers at the record store, that I was browsing through. I liked it and I bought the album. I bet if they would take the time to actually put some emphasis on what they are selling these record stores and the record industry wouldn't have a problem making money.

Back to Amel:

I had to get on a bus to go to work, because I didn't have time to go home and save it to my MP3 and get to work on time. So I got to work an hour early, and the entire time I was at work in the break room, I was staring at the CD wanting so badly to listen to it. I remember calling my mother telling her that I got "Morning", but I couldn't listen to it. I was dying, this was the one time that I wish I had a Discman just to listen to Amel's album. All I could do was stare at the cover, the back of the CD case and read the who participated in bringing the album to light. I haven't gotten to the dedications yet, I was too busy staring at the cover for the most part. Amel takes some good pictures. I don't think she has a bad side when it comes to taking photos. (God knows I do). When I got home, I was too tired to even listen to the Album, so I ended up going to bed. Yes I know for someone who was dying to hear that album I sure didn't seem enthusiastic about it. Well remember I have been having problems with my bad foot for over a month. So the next day, I listened to the album with all ears, a focused mind, and an open heart. I think it's a pretty good album, although I think Bravebird was better. I don't have a favorite song yet, but I do like "Trouble". Every time Amel would Say, "oooooooooooh trouble" I would start smiling. I couldn't stop either, I like the way she said it. I also really like the song "Mountain of When". When I first heard the vocals, I wasn't sure it was her. Didn't sound like Amel, she sounds kind of seductive. I like, I like, which reminds me with all of her albums there is something different about each one. I like the vocal arrangements on her new album. All of her songs are creative, artistic, heartfelt. I am kind of sad that I have listened to the whole album. I should have did one song a day or something. I didn't want it to end. Which brings up the only con about Amel Larrieux's new album. The total time of "Morning" was 38:17. More Songs, More Songs! (LOL)

Final note: I spent a little over $18 when I purchased this album. I said that I was going to get another one as a keepsake, and I am. Only I am going to Best Buy and hope there cheaper, and hope that there is a bonus song on the album Like with Bravebird (remix of "All I Got").


The Complimenting Commenter said...

A very interesting story. I will now have to check out her stuff. I agree about music stores, they should play more and have more options. Thanks for leaving a comment at my site and for a great blog.

Kelly said...

Best Buy - cheaper? Oh come on now! Maybe WalMart, but it's not like they have a REAL selection of music!

Chelle said...

How CUTE are YOU!

DesLily said...

glad you got her latest cd.. you would have been miserable if you walked out without it lol

Ari said...

The great thing about new cds is listening to it over and over until you know all the lyrics by heart. Or at least, that's what I do.


Chris said...

I miss "local" music stores. The big chain stores have huge supplies but you are right about the commercialization.

My favorite store around here is the local "Disc Exchange" that sells new and used cd's. Their staff are a little rough looking but damn they know their stuff.

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