Friday, May 12, 2006

You think you have car problems... should try living in the owner of the car in the picture below shoes for a day.

On one day particular: Wednesday May 10th, 2006!

If you have the ability to use time travel, and the power to posses a person's body do so now.

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Seriously, I was at work and a customer comes up and tells Shannon (co-worker) that there is a car on fire in the parking lot, and that we should call 911. Shannon does this, and then the guy comes and says it again, "there is a car in the parking lot on fire, you should call 911". (only at my job). She heard him the first time !

When the owner of the car came outside he was going to go in his car. Another customer had to stop him, because there were flames coming from the hood and from the bottom of the car. It could have blown up. The car owner is Russian and he couldn't speak any English, so we were lucky that there were other people in the store that could speak his language. It turns out that his prescription was in the car, and he wanted to get it out of there. No one would let him fortunately.

When the fire fighters got there, they immediately started dousing the car with water, but it wasn't having any effect. So the fire fighters decided that they needed to pop the hood open, but they couldn't get in there by conventional means because they didn't want to risk blowing themselves up inside the car. This in turn spawned an interesting question that a customer asked as he was leaving the store. "How many fire fighters does it take to open a hood of a car"?

Intriguing question considering!

The guy said he saw five fire fighters at one time trying to open the hood by the way!

Shannon and I both left the desk by that point. All of our attention was on the car. Lucky for us we only had one customer at the desk, and he was filling out "Numbers" and Win-4 cards, while being distracted by the burning car too.

They finally got the hood open by using something that looked like lock cutters. They cut the levers (I don't know the exact term for them) used to lift the hood open.

The fire fighters soaked the engine good, and prevented an explosion (good work). The car is totaled, but at least the customer got his prescription.


Kelly said...

oh my gosh! somebody had a BAAAAAD day :-)

tfg said...

I hope his insurance covered it.

DesLily said...

i'm glad to hear the owner wasn't hurt!!

X. Dell said...

I feel for this Russian guy, but this could have been far worse.

My family and I had just escaped a smouldering Volkswagon (VWs did this all the time) before it silently exploded, with flames rising about thirty feet up into the treeline.

As fortune would have it, a fire truck was passing by, coming back to the station house after a false alarm.

Ari said...

Wow, what an exciting day! Glad to hear no one was hurt.