Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Random Yet Not So Random Pic and Entry: 3 of 5

Normally when I see an opossum, I either see them running away from me, or I see them as roadkill. This opossum has seemed to just mysteriously dropped dead. It didn't even have the courtesy to step into the street and get splattered. I won't even mention the flattened cat I saw on Culver Road.

Okay maybe a little gross and a little mean, but it just through me for a loop as I was walking by it, and it also brought back a memory.

(For some reason I thought this happened in 2003)

The morning my brother and I got up to walk and get our
Buffalo Bills tickets, we were in for a surprise. At the time was selling Bills tickets and, my job conveniently is a outlet. To get there we walked down Culver road, which is a main street with a lot of traffic during the morning hours.

East High School's Stadium is located on Culver road. Before they built a brand new 2 million dollar stadium, there was worn out old stand that used to be there, protected by a 10-15 foot metal fence.

My brother and I were walking by this fence, when all of a sudden an ambulance pulls up by us. One of the EMT's rolled down his window and said, "Look up and think rabies". We looked up and on the top of the fence sat an opossum. I wondered how the heck did that thing get up there. Opossums aren't sleek like cats, they look round and bulky. Yet this opossum has found a way to keep it's balance up at the top of the fence. Jevon and I both laughed and took a step back. We thanked the EMT's and continued are walk.

We didn't get the tickets we wanted that day, because of the handbill system. It works for the most part, but even with the number one ticket you aren't guaranteed to be first. Heck you could end up being last if your very unlucky. I was number five, and number 2 was picked to go first. Everyone after number two (3, 4, 5, etc..) goes afterwards. Number one was last. You'd think my brother and I would have gotten Bills vs. Raiders, but noooooo! The people (and I used this term loosely) didn't have a clue to what they wanted. They took forever to make a decision, and by the time it was our turn, the Bills/Raiders game was sold out. We were pissed (no other way to describe it). So we purchased tickets for the Detroit Lions game and we got good seats, because no one else really wanted that game (I'm guessing). It turned out to be a good game though (Bills won). It was Halloween themed, and the Bills Mascot was dressed in a women's bathing suit.

It was fun, we had a good time. Jevon and I were staring at the cheerleaders, and they new it! (LOL) Everyone was doing the
wave while the Bills were on offense. I heard on the radio on the way back home, that we were supposed to do this when they are on Defense. Still it was fun, especially when some guys started chanting Joey sucks (Joey Harrington).


X. Dell said...

I have a ticket stub for a 2000 game between the Mets and Reds at Shea Stadium. Same reason. Sentimental value.

Two Write Hands said...

Hmm...are ya sure that little thing wasn't just "playin' possum?"