Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Well at least I didn't see the crazy woman

I got up around nine this morning to go do my laundry, and the moment I stepped outside I began to shed. I don't mean skin either!

After watching all of those Secret Anti-perspiration commercials as a kid, I became jealous of women because "they don't sweat they Perspire"!

I don't sweat either, I pour!

You can either say I shed sweat, or you can say I pour sweat. You be the judge, either way when I wipe the sweat off of myself it feels like it's in layers. Layers as thick as one's epidermis!

I sweat in 75 degree temperatures or lower, I "pour" in temperatures of 76 degrees or higher!

By the time I got to the laundry mat I was drenched, and embarrassed because I had a blue shirt on and you still could see that it was wet. I saw one of my co-workers there, and I said hi and went about my business. I had moments where I cooled off, but if I made a slight movement, I began to pour again.

When I dropped my laundry off at home, I decided to go and get something to drink at a store. I think I bought 16 ounce of apple juice, 16 ounce of flavored water, Powerade water, and a big bottle of Gatorade. I put them into the freezer to get cold (I mean very cold), while I took a warm shower. After I got out of the shower I decided to come to journey to blogland and J-land and have a little visit.

I went to get my glasses from my bedroom, and I realized that they weren't there. When I figured out what I had done with them, the first thing that came to mind is, "I paid over $300 for them". NO I didn't sit on them this time. This time I had a "Moment in senility" (kind of like a moment in history, but people remember history). When I walked to the freezer, I sat there for a moment and thought "here we go". I opened it up knowing that my glasses are cracked or the prescription has worn off or something, because I left them in the bag, in my glasses case, with my drinks. Luckily they didn't crack or worse. They just ended up looking like this....

There's nothing like fogged up glasses! Luckily for me they didn't end up like my


michele said...

Charles i know what you mean.
When i can't find my reading
glasses there's trouble.lol
I've never put them in the
freezer though.

Chelle said...

I'm a girl and I do not perspire or "glisten" I sweat like a HOG! ::sigh::

I have been known to put things in strange places. Well, I tend to sleepwalk. One night, apperantly, I was sleep walking again and I put the ketchup in the kitchen sink. I have also put the tuna casserol in the freezer instead of the oven. But then, I am old... HA HA HA HA HA HA (really only 35)

Ari said...

Hey you're not the only one. I went to put sunblock on my Chris' bald head the other day and the sunblock would not go in the skin because he was too sweaty. If he wears a skull cap in the summer, you can literally wring it out when he takes it off. I sweat a lot too. Which is why I like to stay in air-conditioned places. I'm a spoiled brat like that.


DesLily said...

i put ice cream in the refrig once... ummmm it didn't go over very well... heh.

tfg said...

I used to work with a guy that perspired so much he'd tie a maxi-pad to his forehead at the beginning of the shift. True story.