Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I didn't watch a scary movie, but it seemed like it!

Last night I went to bed late. I always say that I will go to bed early, but it never seems to happen. Just like tonight, it never goes the way I plan it.

Last night when I went to bed I was pretty much exhausted, even then I was fighting my sleep. I wanted to see The Simpsons. I couldn't though, because I was very tired, and I could barely keep my eyes open, because of the light from my television made my eyes hurt. The TV didn't cause me to have tired, sore eyes. That was all me! I stayed on the computer most of the day, and then I went and watched the Chronic (what) cles of Narnia!

After all of that my eyes just weren't the same. I thought I was going to go blind: they hurt so bad. Finally I went to sleep, but I woke up during the middle of the night. I don't know what woke me, but when I regained consciousness I felt horrible. Not only did my eyes still hurt, but my teeth hurt because apparently I was grinding them in my sleep.

After I got used to the annoyance of the pain coming from the left side of my mouth, I felt something else rather peculiar. I was dripping of sweat. I mean my shirt was soaked. It was like someone took a big bowl of water and pored it on me. This happened to me once before, but never with grinding teeth.

I tried my hardest to go back to sleep, but my body and mind couldn't because I couldn't stop thinking about why I was sweating, also the pain from my teeth was pretty bad. I came to two possibilities as to why was sweating and why I grinded my teeth in my sleep.

One: I had a pretty bad nightmare that I can't remember.
Two: I had a seizure and I can't remember it.

I don't know how I came up with #2, but it made sense to me when I was half asleep. My mother thinks that it's because I don't pray before bed. She thinks that demons were haunting me. Well admittedly I don't always pray, but I do from time to time. Plus when I am thinking to myself, I'm not always "talking" to myself.

When I got up to take a shower I thought up another possibility. I sleep with the fan on at night, and it did get chilly. When we sleep we aren't as active as when we are awake. Are heart rate slows and are body goes down to the essentials. I am not moving when I am sleeping, and there is cold air blowing towards me. So what does a person do when they get cold.

They :::Shiver:::!

That would explain the grinding teeth, but not the sweating. Whatever the reason, it didn't matter after 11:38am.

More on that tomorrow!


Kelly said...

hmmm, time to break out the video camera and tape yourself sleeping til you figure it out >giggle<

Ari said...

Did you eat sweets before you went to bed? Sometimes a late-night dose of sugar can bring on nightmares, which causes more sweat. Or you could be coming down with something.


tfg said...

It almost sounds like you were breaking a fever while you slept.

Chris said...

Sounds like you either broke a fever or a migraine.

That or your mom is right, Beelzebub is tormenting you (not)

Hope you're sleeping better!

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