Sunday, May 14, 2006

Another sign that it's time for a new job

Last week I had a weird dream.

Sidenote: Now that I think about it weird should be a definition of "dreaming".

I dreamt that I had to be at work at 7am. In my dream I woke up four hours late, and when I tried to get to work I couldn't. It was as if something was making me stay put, because I couldn't move. Then all of a sudden everything faded to black, as if I blacked out or something.

When I came to within my dream, it was 9:39pm which was way past my shift. I panicked and I became stressed. I was lying sideways on what seemed like a bed, and there was a clock with a red LCD display. All I could do just like in the first part of my dream, was just sit there.

Another sidenote: I thought we couldn't dream in color!

When I really woke up, I actually thought I had to be at work at 7am for about a second.. I had to be there at twelve and boy did I feel relieved.

After that nightmare I realized that I worry too much about my job and not about myself.

I worry that I will be late,
I worry that my till will be short,
I worry that I will get a complaint,
I worry that my manager will get mad at me if I quit my job,
I worry I will leave my job on bad terms (fired).

I can understand worrying a little about my till being short and getting a complaint, but to worry about my manager getting angry at me is well...Stupid! She isn't the one that has to provide me with a home. She isn't the one that is putting food on my table. She sure isn't going to be there for me through the rough patches in my life. Don't get me wrong I care for the boss lady, after all she fought to keep me there after my drawer was short $100 twice, but she tends to think that we (as her part-time employees) have it good. She thinks that we are doing her wrong by leaving (at least that happened when one of my co-workers put her two weeks notice in). Although I like working there, I am not making enough money to live off of. So I have to make a decision. My manager's feelings, or my future. You'd think this would be a easy decision!!!!!!



Wil said...

As a former manager, let me give you a clue.

We're in it for the money. How "our" employees perform and behave affects how our bosses perceive us as managers. That is really our only concern.

Get yourself a job with a living wage if the opportunity presents itself. She'll get over it in no time at all.

Stephaine said...

I worried that I was going to slap my supervisor at my last job than I new it was time to go.

If she gets mad because you're leaving what's the worse she could do, fire you? If she cares, she'll be sad to see you go but happy you have a new opportunity.

Thanks for the sentiment you left me.

DesLily said...

just don't wind up like me. I stayed at a job for 3 yrs too long while they tore me apart and spit me out in pieces that has never healed.

since you have have a place to live and you won't starve.. i'd start checking into something that will pay you better and maybe even be more to your liking..

looking never hurt.. you don't have to leave until you really want to.. hopefully you will find something you would like more and pay more too

Fidget said...

I always dream in color... is that weird?

shari said...

I dream in color, too! And I just quit a job I had for eight years that I should have left sooner. Every day that passes, I am actually accepting that I don't have to do it and am becoming filled with GLEE. LOL :)

Chris said...

I can put it in perspective for you.

From the company perspective: What do you think they would do if they no longer needed you? Keep you around out of loyalty? Nope, kick your butt to the curb with a smile and "I'm so sorry it worked out this way".

From your manager's personal perspective:
If she had an amazing opportunity come available to her, do you think she would turn that job offer down just for you?

So make your decision on what is best for Charles.

Chris (16 year veteran of the grocery business)
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Mark Base said...

Always look out for number one! Don't worry about your boss's feelings. Keep your options open; don't leave on bad terms, but keep your eyes and ears open for something better.

X. Dell said...

(1) I thought everyone dreamed in color. I can't conceive of dreaming in black and white.

(2) If you were missing $100 in your till, there could be, depending on your system, many reasons other than your simply losing it, or handing it over to a customer.

(3) Your dream suggests to me that you feel like sometimes you can't do what you feel you need to do, no matter how hard you try. But if you ask me (which, of course, you haven't) I'd say that you're probabably underestimating yourself.

Why do I say that?

Two reasons. (a) Most people do. (b) you keep a blog. I've kept a till, and I've kept a blog. The blogis harder.

redsneakz said...

My brother,
Follow your joy - and if you can't follow your joy, then follow the Benjamins. You've got to be able to live, drive and survive on what you work for, and if your work isn't feeding you, then you've got to reconsider things.