Thursday, May 18, 2006

My Super-powered Super Toys

I didn't have many toys when I was a kid, and only some of them were what I would call "Ultimate toys" (Transformers). The ones I did have however kept me busy and expanded my imagination.

Out of all the toys I had, I only have two left from when I was a kid (not counting my squeaky from when I was a baby). When I used to play with my cousin James, there were two toys that were my favorite.

One was so powerful that it crushed anything it bounced on!

The other was so fast and so aerodynamic it could jump off things it used as ramps and plow right through them!

Okay, okay, so a little 25 cent ball I got out of a vending machine couldn't really damage anything, but to me it ruled the cosmos. Back in the day it was a translucent white color with the blue dots and it could hit the ceiling from the floor. Now its urine colored, and it doesn't even know what bouncing is.

My diecast Hot Wheels Lamborghini couldn't actually go real fast or jump really high through anything, but it's was my favorite kind of car. Back then it had an excellent paint job, now it's got some wear and tear. Lamborghinis used to be my favorite cars.

The both worked together and defeated many foes. Foes that would always come back to plague the Universe (hey I only had so many toys).

I also remember this miniature plastic muscle man with a red shirt. The red shirt was the only clothes that he had on. Actually it was a half of a shirt (nothing on the back). He was the muscle behind the team, with a little frame.

I had a diecast Tonka Truck too, which eventually broke and my uncle Junior improvised for me. It became my carrier/mobile base.

I had other toys as well, but I kept the two in the pictures because they were my favorites. I used to love lamborghini's. It's a shame my toys lost there powers!


X. Dell said...

Urine colored, and lost its bounce? Yup, that's an elderly ball, all right.

Back in '69, I worked odd jobs to get a limited edition silver mustang Hot Wheel. At $1.00, it was considerably more expensive than the other cars, and my dad thought I was crazy for wanting it. But it was beautiful and fast.

Wouldn't you know, my mother threw it away when we moved later that year.

DesLily said...

I remember those balls! they went anywhere you didn't want them too! lol...
boy howdy how I wish my sons had kept some of their toys!! They had the original Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.. wings folded out, many hot wheels cars.. a number of Tonka Trucks ..the original GI Joe etc.. I don't know of any that they kept.. sad.. they'd be worth something now!

Kelly said...

ah, the power of imagination - whatever happened to that?

Two Write Hands said...

Hey Charles, found you surfing blogmad! Thanks for submitting another question this week. You rock!

Chris said...

Great post, Charles. I remember many of my favorite toys too. I even downloaded pictures of my Cliffs of Navarone and Fort Apache sets from ebay. Remember that genuine feeling of joy over that toy? It was your friend. I could play alone for hours.

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michele said...

Boy that post takes me back.
As a kid i wanted a super ball
it was the toy to have.I finally
talked my mom into buying me one.
I was on top of the world,went
outside and bounced it real hard
on the sidewalk and that was the
last time i saw my super ball.

Ari said...

Dude, you can go on ebay and get tons of toys there. Trust me. I do it all the time.

I had tons of those balls. I would lose them and buy more. Er.. my mom would, actually. Isn't it amazing what our toys are capable of? They haven't lost their powers at all. You are still intrigued with them.