Thursday, May 25, 2006

Random Yet Not So Random Pic and Entry: 4 of 5

What's wrong with this picture?

Nothing right?

I was just thinking, if the trees had feelings and opinions, would they judge others?

If the purple leaf colored tree was able to socialize with the other trees, would they speak to it?

Would the other trees talk badly about the purple colored tree or would they, welcome it with open arms?

Would that tree care what if they think badly of it, or would it soar high above there negativity?

I wonder if that tree wants to belong?

Just like me!


Two Write Hands said...

I had a purple tree like that in my back yard at my old house. It was supposed to be a fruit-bearing tree. It didn't start producing plums until after I moved. It really was all alone...the only tree in the back yard.

redsneakz said...

::grin:: How very like Rebbe Nachman of you, Charles - using something mundane to illustrate something huge.

This little ole dwarf apple trees LIKES having purple and red trees in his neighborhood.

X. Dell said...

One thing I see: the tree with the purplish leaves seems to have its own wind source, since its leaning in the opposite direction of the other trees.

Do you suppose that trees buy fans in order maintain their cool during global warming?

Chris said...

Purple trees are ok but as soon as one moves in the neighborhood, all the property values go down......

Great post Charles, one of the best I've read this week. Simple, short, but speaks volumes.

Star bellied sneetches rule!

carrie said...

yes. very good. genius.