Friday, May 26, 2006

Random Yet Not So Random Pic and Entry: 5 of 5 (Feline Friday)

With the return of Global Warming, err...I mean summer comes all kinds of animals and insects. One little guy that I am glad to see return is a part of my post of
Feline Friday.

Feline Friday

This is...Well I don't really know his name. He was our neighbor's cat. Our neighbor had three cats; Max, Spooky, and this guy. Our neighbor passed away from cancer. When this happened, his daughter had Spooky put to sleep, because he was old and going blind. I don't know what happened to Max, but my moms "Friend" was left behind when our neighbors daughter moved. He is a stray now, but he stops over to get a bite to eat every now and again.

I took this picture early this morning. I couldn't get a better shot because he was eating, and I left the door open like a dummy and Bouk came out and let his presence be known.

I don't know why Bouk tried to intimidate him, our "Friend" brought Bouk back home when he was a kitten. Bouk was missing for a week, and we just about gave up on him. Then I see our "Friend" in the back of our driveway staring at us, and all of a sudden Bouk pops out of nowhere running for the house door. We gave our friend some cat food, and petted him and thanked him for Bouks return. I thought I'd never be so happy to see a cat until...

The beginning of this week Bouk snuck outside while my sister went out to have a cigarette, and I didn't know this at the time mind you. When I woke up the next morning, I heard someone open and close my bedroom door. I asked everyone in the house who did it. My mother told me that it was her, and that she wanted to see if Bouk was upstairs. I told her no, and I went searching around the house and outside for him. I gave up, and came and sat at the computer.

A day went by, and then another day, and I felt a sadness that overwhelmed me while I was walking to work. I thought Bouk was gone. I never thought I'd cry over a cat, but I had some tears streaming down my face (yep I admit it). Later on that afternoon while I was at work, I called home to see if Bouk came home, but to no avail. My mother told me that she and my sisters would go search the neighborhood to see if they could find him.

Later on that evening my sister Islah calls and tells me that they found Bouk two houses down at a blue house that look similar to ours. It's a darker blue, but it has a side door like ours. We figure that Bouk thought there house was ours, and he was trying to get inside of it. We were guessing that he was hiding under there porch, like he did with ours until he heard a door open. My sister called Bouk and picked him up and brought him home. When I got home that night, went and petted him for a long time. I never thought I would be so happy to see a cat.

Funny how our "Friend" shows up four days later.

Monday I posted and entry and asked everyone to use there imaginations and tell me what they saw in the tree! Here are everyone's answers including mines!

Ned Porting thinks it Jeanne D'Arc, or similar, but definitely a she, blindfolded and tied down.

Antonette sees several different wild animals.

Tatty Tiara sees a pronghorned antelope.

Chuck says he see an Ent.

Ol' Lady says she sees a new life coming into the world.

DesLily says she sees a face in the middle knot. (I see it too!)

I thought these were all very intriguing. I'm still looking for the animals (I saw one), but I did see the face, and the Ent.

I see two things in the pictures.

First: If you look at the bottom left corner of the tree, you will see a seahorse.

Second: Look over at the hole on the right side of the tree. If you look closely you'll notice what looks like an ear. Even the that part of the tree itself where that bulge sits resembles an ear. A tree with hearing ability perhaps???


michele said...

One time my kitten escaped
from a window.I was beside
myself with sadness.I went
out to look for him and
couldn't find him and was
about to give up.I happen
to look behind the trash
can and there he was shaking.
I was happy that day.Tweety
lived for 18 years.

DesLily said...

awww, I'm glad your kitty came home. love of an animal just kinda sneaks up on ya.. if the "friend" sticks around long enough you'll feel the same if he stops coming by.. they don't care who or what you are, just that you are kind to them... and they give it back the best they can.

X. Dell said...

I think you're right. The cat probably confused the neighbor's house with yours. Cats, like most non-primate mammals, don't hav a very good sense of color.

I'm glad Bouk didn't starve during those four days. What are the chances of you adopting him? Would that be feasible?

I ask because oftentimes landlords or perhaps even neighborhood committees might have certain restrictions on pets that would either force you to give him away, or cost you so much in shots and registration that it just wouldn't happen.

Chelle said...

Nothing pisses me off more then a person putting an animal down because they are going blind or may need a little extra attention. Hell, I don't like many humans, I need to PUT THEM down. HMPF! "friend" is adorable. I'd make him mine. But then the "strays" I take care of all have names and I claim them as mine and take care of them, blind, limping, sick, or otherwise.

Would a person put their own family member down because God forbid, granddad is not DIABETIC!

WOW, this seemed to have hit a nerve.... But then, Charles as you know, I am, well, over stressed right now. I am sorry for going off. It was not meant for you, but the neighbors, may they rest in peace, their daughter...

shirley buxton said...

You're invited too. Please read my post from today. Don't miss the comments. :)



Chris said...

We should have a contest to name the friend.....

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Steven said...

Cats are something. Easy to ignore and then all the sudden they are the center of attention. Been sometime since I've lost Pickle but it's happened a few times.

Did not comment but I've enjoyed the shots this past week.

ChasingMoksha said...

That cat looks so sweet. I suggest we name it Mr. Darcy and if it is a girl Ms. Darcy, or Mr. Firth, or Colin, or Ms. Firth.

Get him/her spray or neuter soon and he/she will not run off so much.