Sunday, April 30, 2006

Story Meme

I have been putting this off, because I didn't know who to tag. But Noooooow, now I have someone tag. Ari tag, your IT!

The title speaks for itself. I will start a story, and the person I tag will continue it, and they can only tag ONE person (more than one person per tag would be chaotic), Let's see how many people can contribute in one month. I'll link every entry created in a journal entry for people to click in my journal and give them credit for there part in this meme. I'm curious to see how our story will end and who will write the final chapter.

Here we go.

One morning as the sun shines through little Jaime curtains, his mother comes to his bedroom. Jaime's mom leans over his bed and kisses him on his head. This in turn wakes him up and he asks, "What was that for mom"? Jaime's Mom replies, "It's for being my favorite little boy". Jaime replies, "I am your only boy mommy". They both chuckle and Jaime's mom says, "Come on, get up, I need you to do something for me before we eat breakfast". Jaime being the "Good boy", goes and takes his morning bath, brushes his teeth, and combs his hair and gets dressed. Then he runs downstairs to his mom, and asks her what it is she wants him to do. His mom tells him that she needs him to go to the Public Market to get her some oranges. Jaime asks his mom, "Is today the day". She tells him, that he is a good boy, but when it comes to the one toy that she doesn't want go get for him until he's "older", he always misbehaves. Jaime then asks his mom if he can have the change. His mom tells him no, that he can wait for his allowance next week. He then asks her if he drops the money on the ground and picks up, can he have it. His mom in a frustrated tone of voice says no, but if you find some money that is already on the ground, you can pick it up and keep it for yourself. Just make sure you only pick up change with the head facing up. If you pick up change tails up, it's bad luck. Then she kisses Jaime on the cheek tells him to hurry on and come home as soon as he is finished and sends him on his way.

When Jaime gets to the Public Market, he goes to the fruit and vegetable stand. The vender asks him what he would like today. Jaime tells him that he would like a bag of oranges. The vender laughs and says, "My my, it looks like we have a growing boy here today". Jaime says, they aren't all for me, my mom is making orange juice, and besides my mom told me not to talk to strangers". The vender laughs and tells Jaime that his mom sounds like a wise woman. Then he hands Jaime his oranges and change and then says, "today is bright and shiny day today isn't kid"? He then tells Jaime to have a good day and goes about his business. Jaime turns to walk away, not even a second later he notice something shiny catching his eyes. He walks in the direction of that which has captivated his attention. When he arrives at his deviated path, Jaime looks down at the object. It is very shiny, to the point where it looks like it is glowing, almost a blinding gleam. He kneels down to get a closer look and uses his bag of oranges to block the sunshine. When his eyes adjust and sun isn't factor he notices that the object that called to him was a quarter. For a moment Jaime gets really excited, but then he notices that something is wrong. The quarter is the wrong way, it's tails up. This makes him remember what his mother tells him. "If you pick up change tails up, it's bad luck". He turns to walk away, but then he hears something inside him tell him to pick up the quarter to save it, because it will help him come closer to buying the toy he wants. Jaime sits there struggling with himself as if two people pulling at each of his arms trying to tear him apart. Only there isn't anyone pulling Jaime's arms, but himself. One arm is being pulled towards home, while the other is being pulled to quarter. Finally an arm wins! The arm that was destined to win, the arm that wanted the toy for so long. Jaime happily picks up the quarter and then vanishes.....

Where did Jaime Go??? Hopefully Ari can shed some light on this.


Ari said...

Oh this looks like so much fun! I'll do it tomorrow morning, I promise! Awesome, man!


Jod{i} said...

Oh wow too cool Charles!!

Stephaine said...

Great idea and great beginning.

Jod{i} said...

I have posted part three!

The Dark Lord Omz said...

I will start working on part 4....bwahaha