Sunday, May 21, 2006

Grumpy Charles

Yesterday I completed my 6 day, 42 hour week of work, but I have another version of 6 days to get through. Friday I started my stretch of working six days in a row, and my body is getting closed to being taxed beyond its limit. The standing up and the complaints weigh heavily on me and are starting to take there toll on what little social life I have. Right now I am in a anti-social state. If I haven't been reading your journal, please forgive me. I haven't really had time, although I made some time for a few. I have just been walking home reading a few journals and, then plopping my butt in the bed. I haven't even answered any of the phone calls I've been getting. In fact on my way home I was saying something I made up in my head over and over again!

"I don't want to
bothered while
walking down
the street
So don't try to
I'll get over it, I just need some time to myself and some sleep!


X. Dell said...

Well, some good dreams oughta make you feel better.

DesLily said...

American Businesses will never learn what the Europeans have learned.. and that is not to overwork their employees. The Europeans (most not all) get a 6 week vacation period that is a "must to take all at once"(and paid for). Many also 40 hrs in 4 days and have 3 days off. The Europeans have learned that time off is a good thing. They have proved behond a doubt that the workers are more productive and more accurate in their work the more time they have to rest. Thus, though they put in less hours then an American the company produces more and less mistakes are made.. I'll never understand why those here in America just don't get it.

Rest rest rest Charles.

redsneakz said...

You SERIOUSLY need some down time, brother. Six days is no good at all.

Ari said...

All work and no play... sigh. You definitely need a break!