Sunday, February 05, 2006

Okay Chris you asked for it!

Chris Tagged me, to open up my media player, or my MP3 player and post whets in my playlist. Let me just say that I LOVE music, you can ask my family, you can ask my co-workers. It has to be artistic music though. Music with meaning. A lot of these rappers and singers out here today don't know how to be creative. They aren't very artistic. Half of the time it seems like rappers are just trying to find words to rhyme with (Eminem being the exception). With the singers, it seems like some of them have the voice, but they just don't have the ability to sing from the heart. Sadly I am not the only one who uses this computer, so I don't have my own playlist. Between my sisters, my brother and I, there hast to be over 500 songs on our computer. However I have one playlist that is called 5 stars, that is mostly all mines. Chris, Chris, Chris (LOL), you should have some idea of what it is that I like. Just scroll down my journal to this entry, and see. It's time for an overdose of Amel Larrieux!
Groove Theory (Amel Larrieux and Bryce P. Wilson)
  • Ten Minute High
  • Time Flies
  • Ride
  • Come Home
  • Baby Luv
  • Tell Me (Top Ten)
  • Hey U
  • Hello It's Me
  • Good To Me
  • Angel
  • Keep Tryin
  • You're Not The 1
  • Didja know
  • Boy At The Window
Infinite Possibilities
  • Get Up (Was Featured On Days Of Our Lives in a restaurant while Shaun And Bell Were talking).
  • INI
  • Sweet Misery
  • Searchin' For My Soul
  • Even If
  • Infinite Possibilities
  • Shine
  • Down
  • Weather
  • Make Me Whole


  • For Real
  • Bravebird
  • Dear To Me
  • All I Got
  • Beyond
  • We Can Be Knew
  • Giving Something Up!
  • Your Eyes
  • Congo (Get to con, get to con, Congo...Get to con, get to Congo....) LOL
  • Sacred
  • Say You Want It All
  • All I Got 2
Other songs involving Amel Larrieux
  • Never Enough-Groove Theory
  • Believe In Love-Amel Larrieux
  • Now You Know Better-Amel Larrieux
  • Glitches (The Skin Your In) The Roots Featuring Who else: Amel Larrieux
  • what's Come Over Me-Glenn Lewis Featuring Amel Larrieux
  • Where Is The Love-Glenn Lewis and Amel Larrieux (Grammy nominated Baby!)
  • Sophisticated Lady-Amel Larrieux

Are You dizzy yet, have you gotten an Amel Larrieux hangover?

Okay you might think that all I listen to is Amel Larrieux, and your about 70% right! The other 30% of the time is various artists and music. Here's a sample!

  • Miss You-Aaliyah
  • Rock The Boat
  • End Of The Road-Boyz II Men
  • A Song For Momma-Boyz II Men
  • Is It For Me-Crystal Waters
  • Storyteller-Crystal Waters
  • Bring Me To Life-Evanesence
  • Going Under-Evanesence
  • Hello-Evanesence
  • My Immortal-Evanesence
  • Memory Of Light And Wave-Final Fantasy X-2 Soundtrack (The music playing on my Journal)
  • Let's Stay Together-Guy
  • Promises-India Arie
  • Strength, Courage, & Wisdom-India Arie
  • Back To The Middle India Arie
  • Where Are You Now-Janet Jackson
  • To Zanarkand-Final Fantasy X Soundtrack
  • Lose Yourself-Eminem
  • Missing You-Case
  • All I Do Is Think Of You-Troop
  • Spread My Wings-Troop
  • Santa Monica-Theory Of A Deadman
  • I don't wanna Smile-Total
  • Rain-Total
  • Trippin'-Total
  • Eternal-Stay
  • Eternal-Let's Stay Together
  • Dreamin'-Vanessa Williams
  • Save The Best For Last-Vanessa Williams
  • We're Not Making Love-Dru Hill
  • Can't Let Go-Mariah Carey
  • Love Takes Time-Mariah Carey
  • You Remind Me-Mary J. Blige
  • Real Love-May J. Blige
  • It's For You-Shanice
  • Always-Atlantic Starr
  • Take A Bow-Madonna and Babyface
  • Follow The Leader-Rakim
  • Microphone Fiend-Rakim
  • Move The Crowd-Rakim
  • Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em-Rakim
  • You Gotta Be-Des'ree
  • Spending My Time With You-Toni Braxton
  • I Miss You-Klymaxx (I used to play this song {still Do} whenever I thought/think about or missed/miss my dad). Mostly when he would bring me back home, after I spent the weekend at his house. I would just cry, and cry!

Most of these songs are songs that I listened to with my heart. Inspirational songs (Amel Larrieux). I told you I loved listening to music. That is on my/our playlists, but those are mines! What do you listen too???

I tag: Chuck, Brandy, and Jackie


Darla said...

Hi Charles! I was just over at Chris' and I was curious to see what kind of music you like. I have seen you around and have been wanting to come over to say "hi" it was the perfect opportunity!

I love finding new artists to listen to. I know you're going to think I'm a goofus, but I don't think I have listened to Ammel Larrieux before! But you've made me curious and I think I will just have to listen to some Ammel today! I really like Evanescence and was just listening to them yesterday. I like a lot of different kinds of music...but I guess it depends on my mood as to what I listen to that day.

You have a great blog, Charles, and enjoyed reading your music playlist. I need to do a new entry, but come visit anytime and I'll be back soon!

Take care,
Darla ;o)

Char said...

Well, its not the holy trinity of Diamond, Manilow and Joel, nor is it Radiohead, but I like your music choices :)

Angelia Rian said...

*Wonderful* taste in music you have, Charles... *smiles* You took a slightly different tact with this tag than I did, but you included a more well-rounded idea of that you listen to... Now I'm tempted to go back and re-do my post... ;)

Jackie said...

Here ya go, Charles!

Gabreael said...

I have never listed to Ammel Larrieux. I will have to download a song and see what I think.

Take Care,