Friday, February 10, 2006

Everything is fine

My brother's surgery on his hand went well. We thought at first that it was going to take forever, but it was fairly quick. It was the waiting for the doctors to finish with other patients, and get prepped for Jevon's surgery that took forever. Oh and they had to prep him too, which took long also. We noticed that family members got to go inside and see the patients before the surgery, and some of them had gotten there after us. At first my sister and I thought that maybe, just maybe they had already taken him, but to are surprise they asked us if we wanted to see him. Obviously we were like "Yeah" (DuH)! We went in there and saw him hooked up to a blood pressure machine, which also takes his pulse. They also had one of those things that they put in your nose (I have no idea what they are called, will somebody please enlighten me). They had an IV in his arm also.

Jevon was drugged up! Not only did they give him something to numb his entire left arm, but they also gave him something to knock him out. He couldn't feel his arm at all. When the nurse asked him to push away her arm, he couldn't. I could have given him a noogie like I did when we were kids, without a struggle. Should have went for it. My Brother has got to be one of the most stubborn people I ever met. He was fighting his sleep, and if any of you remember the post I wrote about when Jevon watched how the doctors were changing the dressing on my friend Randi's surgical scar, should remember how enthusiastic he was at seeing this.

(Sidenote, I just went to look for that post on my AOL journal, and its gone!)

He was when it came to his surgery. I mean Jevon was determined to see it, he was fighting his sleep, as if it was going to be his last. He even joke about how he was going to pretend to be sleep so he could take a sneak peak at what was going on. What made this even funnier, yet futile was the fact that the nurse told him that they were going to have something up blocking his view so he wouldn't be able to see. She mentioned that they were going to be using some kind of camera, and Jevon said he wanted a picture. The nurse told him that it wasn't that kind of camera and he laughed. I told him that I should have brought my digital camera to have them take the pics, he got a bit of a laugh out of that one. I think we were all scared and nervous, but my sister and I chose not to show how we felt in front of Jevon. In fact we talked about things completely different for the most part.

We started talking about when Jevon was a baby. How whenever a woman would walk by and notice him, they would say how cute he was. My nephew Jalani got the same response while we were at the the surgical center. Just about every woman including the nurses, kept asking about him, saying how cute he is. Jevon was like, "That's my Nephew"!

When they wheeled Jevon to the operating room, it only took about 15-30 minutes to complete his surgery. Jevon said that they got him with the oxygen mask. He fell asleep when they put it on. I laughed my butt off when he said this.
They had to place his bone in his hand the correct way, and then drill screws into it. They should fall out in about three weeks hopefully. If he hadn't got the surgery, his pinky hand would have been hanging down, and he wouldn't have been able to grip anything. So I am glad he made the decision, even though my mom suggested that he get a second opinion.

He went and stayed at his girlfriends house, however Mr. Stubborn went to work this morning. I hope he doesn't do anything that aggrivates his hand.


Antonette said...

I am so thrilled to read that his surgery went well. I know he had to be very nervous about it.

Take care my dear!

DesLily said...

good to hear that all went well!!

ChasingMoksha said...

He sounds like my husband, I'm always like "dude, you do not have to try and be macho and fight your sleep!" Good grief.

I hope your brother has not returned to work too soon. But you know they say people do better and heal when they have something to look forward to. Maybe he wants the attention at work.

Stephaine said...

Glad things went well.

To answer your Thursday 13 question, it can be on any topic you want. I'm looking forward to seeing yours.