Monday, February 13, 2006

Everyday Life 15


When you are a child you learn responsibility as you grow older. From learning to go potty, to learning how to tie your shoe laces, to doing your homework, to starting a family of your own. You become more and more responsible for your actions and held accountable for them as you grow older. Some people are more responsible than others.

Recently within three months of each other, my till was short twice at $100 dollars each. I suspected that one of my co-workers was stealing from me. Now I'm not so sure it was the one who I suspected. I'm not sure of anything anymore. It just didn't make sense that I was exactly $100 short both times. I am held responsible when the till is short when I am on the register. Do I think it's fair when the person who had the till before me is the only one there to count it, and no one else is there to monitor them...No! Then again, no one is there to see me count my till either. I did realize that I had to make a change so I can prevent the possibility of a thief from stealing money my drawer. I changed the password, because our passwords were the same as our cashier number. So if I am short, I have eliminated this as a possibility. Now if only I can correct the issue of getting my own till.

This next one is a doozy! Every Wednesday is Garbage day in my neighborhood. I am responsible for taking out the trash in my house. See The picture above, my house is the one that I highlighted with in a bubble (The color of our house is actually blue). To the left of our house there is our driveway, and our neighbors house. Our neighbors, well I should say Our Neighbor's children (three boys) aren't. Okay Last Wednesday's garbage day came along, and they didn't take there trash down to the curb. I know they use our driveway to take it down. I understand it's because they don't have any other alternative, other than taking it down the stairs. Our driveway is on a hill. So is are houses. So it can be tough during the winter. Not to mention the fact that my Step on me father parks his van at the base of the hill at night. Sometimes I forget to take it down on Tuesday before I leave to go to work, but I am responsible enough to know that I have to get it down in time for garbage day.

Tuesday morning comes, (nothing). Tuesday afternoon comes, and not a budge of the garbage bin. Tuesday night comes and my Step on me father parks his van in the usual spot. I roll our garbage bin out to the curb via the stairs that lead to our house. The neighbor's children just let it sit there. Now there garbage is overflowing from there garbage bin. I can see bags and Nike shoe boxes hanging out of it. To make matters worse, when we came back from my brother Jevon's surgery, my sister Chandra noticed footprints leading up to our garbage bin. I went and looked inside it. At first I thought some squirrels got inside and ripped our bags apart, but then I noticed to small pizza boxes from Domino's Pizza. Come to think of it, I didn't even see any bags. We don't eat Domino's! So I looked at the footprints to see where they were coming from. They led straight up to our neighbors house. I looked at the can and looked at the prints, and then I did a double take. Then I went inside the house and got our key to our garage, and I locked our bin in there, where it will remain until Wednesday. I heard one of them complain from inside there house, when I did this (Oh well). I can see if they asked me to use it, but NO! So I made the decision to keep it from them. We have enough of our own garbage, we don't need someone irresponsible adding to ours. You can only take so much. Maybe now they will become more responsible. Maybe now they will take there garbage bin to the curb every Wednesday like they are supposed too. Maybe this upcoming garbage day, they will realize that it's there responsibility. Hopefully!


Judith HeartSong said...

I am so sorry to hear about the cash issue and the neighbors..... seems like some people have no moral compass at all.
Hang in there:)

Gabreael said...



Bon & Mal Mott said...

Hey, Charles, was that story from the Police Beat referring to someone we know?
Neighbors can be a real pain, can't they? One neighbor was using our outside outlet to plug his lawnmower into. We had to lock the outlet cover.
Bon & Mal