Friday, February 03, 2006


I watched Bruce Almighty a couple of nights ago, and I can say there were points in the movie that I can say I relate too. I'm not saying that I am being punished by God, I'm just saying that you do something good sometimes, and then you get kicked down for it. Life can be a challenge.

Back Down Memory Lane 2:

It's 2000

There are always bumps in the road, like unforeseen bumps to the head by a nail stuck in the ceiling of a doorway whose height is shorter than mines. The bleeding wouldn't stop, and I ended up paying a hefty emergency bill, because I didn't have insurance.

I got over that one, and then the next obstacle hit me. One day I go to work to pick up my paycheck. It was just like any other Thursday, but the only difference is I open my check and see something abnormal. My check was TWICE the amount of what I would normally make. My jaw dropped, I was in shock when I saw the Check. I was trying to figure out how and why this happened, when I looked up at my pay-stub and saw that, there were two "Regular Pays" for forty-eight hours each. I ended up with a check for 96 hours worth of pay (gross amount $872.96). Then you know what I did??? I honestly told Our office manager (to her surprise), and then she told me that I can go and talk to the person in charge of payroll. I went and I told the payroll clerk. She called the payroll department, and it was ultimately decided, that they would correct the error, by taking it out of my paycheck for the next two weeks.

One week came along I new about it($89.19), then two weeks ($2.76), and I was hanging in there. Then three weeks (did I mention it was supposed to be two weeks), and I got frustrated. I went to the payroll clerk, and I told her about this error. She called the payroll department, and told them about this error. They figured out how much I was owed, and she asked me, if I could wait until next weeks paycheck to get the money that I was owed. I couldn't wait until next week (the reason why is lost at the moment), so I asked for a pay advance. A fourth week passes, and I notice a $100 pay advance subtracted from my check. How can they subtract from my check, something which I was owed? Where did I go...To the payroll clerks office again! Did they fix this problem...No! I had the same issue the fifth week, and I also got a check in the mail for $100. Now I'm confused, the payroll clerk is confused, and the woman that we called on the other end of the line is confused. Finally the woman at the payroll department decided to just leave it be. I get to cash the $100 check for the first $100 that was taken out as a repay advance during the fourth week, and they would add $100 on to my check the following week (following me?).

Finally I got to the point where I didn't care anymore, because I was tired of the problems, I just wanted to get paid. Honesty is supposedly the best policy, and I was honest so why didn't things go right? Sure I stole things when I was a kid, but I learned my lesson when my coat was stolen from me during the winter of my freshman year in high school (read previous post). Everything happens for a reason, your struggles, your pain, your triumphs, but it's your pain and struggles that define who your are, not your victories. Your victories add confidence! There was a quote in Bruce Almighty similar to what I just typed in my above in this paragraph. Some days I just want to be a blasphemer, but I know that it isn't anyone's fault. S#!% happens! Do unto others!


Chris said...

I loved Bruce Almighty.

I hate doing payroll for my staff.

You have been tagged:)

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Jackie said...

Payroll errors are always such a hassle to fix. But, you did do the right thing even if it doesn't seem to have worked out well.