Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Let Me Straighten This Out One More Time

Okay I must admit that this is really beginning to bother me now. Nothing against New York City (I want to visit someday), but can you guys please lend us a hand or something. Okay there are some people out there (mostly in the south from what I can tell, but not everyone) who assume that, because WE (being New York State residents that don't live in NYC) live in New York State, it means that we live in New York City.

Lets get it straight, I reside in New York State. I never say "New York" anymore, because they automatically think NYC. Now I add "State" to "New York", and people still think New York City. My hometown is Rochester, New York. Rochester is a city in Upstate New York, that doesn't even come close to the funding that New York City gets. New York City is big, but it isn't the size of "Springfield" on the Simpsons. Rochester is not a County, and it isn't a borough either. It is a city in it's own right. We may not have the Statue of Liberty, and we may have never have Buildings as tall as The Twin Towers were or The Empire State Building, but we have some things of note. We are the home of Eastman Kodak, (I bet you have used there film before), the home of Bausch and Lomb, and the home of Nick Tahou's Garbage Plate (if you can survive it, it's pretty good, but very greasy. You could end up in the bathroom all night).

Sometimes whenever I have to deal with this, I feel a big weight on my shoulders as if I have to live up to someone else's expectations. Sorry to disappoint, but I live in "The Flower City", not "The Big Apple". Besides how many cities can boast that they had an interstate highway called "The Can of Worms"


Stephaine said...


DesLily said...

umm you're right..not many can boast a highway named A Can Of Worms lol..

shari said...

When someone says they live anywhere in NY, at first I always picture NY City. I've never said it to anyone, though. :)
I've had to literally remind myself that the state is BIGGER than
Oh yeah- down in the south you have to say you are from Atlanta or no one has a clue what you mean.

Spill The Beans said...

believe it or not, i've actually been to rochester. it was nice (but fecking cold).

I have a good friend who's a cop up there.