Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Born with no control, with no memory to speak of

It's funny! At about this age, most of us can't remember anything that we did or lived through. We have to rely on the stories that we get from our parents. There is one memory that I wish I can remember though. My mom told me that when I was a baby, I used to get out of my crib somehow and turn the TV on. Man I must have been pretty smart then.

In some cases I am glad that I don't remember. You can't see it unless I point it out, but if you ever get the chance to meet me, look at my forehead. I have a scar from when I was a baby. My mom told me that I tripped, hit my head on the bathroom sink and busted my head open. I wonder what I was doing, or trying to do then. Then there is the snip, snip! Females yeah, they have it bad with the PMS thing and all, but what about us guys. When we are fresh from the womb we have to go through a painful (doctors say we don't feel a thing, but I beg to differ) snip, snip of our pReCiOuS which is commonly referred to as a circumcision. I just read in the dictionary, that females can get this too, however it's the males that get this procedure mostly. Whenever I think about it I go, "oh the humanity". The baby oh yeah I forgot, ummmm that's me! Big lip with no eyebrows to speak of. On the back of the picture it says, Born June 18th 1975. Thursday 10:36am". Think 1036 will be my new Win 4 number.


Karen said...

You are too cute! Hey, I used to do the crib thing too. From what my mother says I would release the side bar and then climb out. Kind of funny that now I don't want to get out of bed.

Gabreael said...

I'd pay to see that TV trick :).

I like the music you have added too.

Thank you for your words of kindness recently.

Take Care,




DesLily said...

Awwww.. how cute!

hmmm i never thought about why we don't remember things until a few years old..now i wonder what triggers the fact to start remembering?

Rose DesRochers said...

What a cute Baby :)