Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Spectral Analysis of some things on the brain.

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How fitting that my favorite color was chosen for this "spectral analysis". Well I really haven't been in a mood to blog lately. See that black line in the analysis up there. That black spot in the middle is like melancholy in my heart at the moment. It's totally messing up the blue (peace) in my heart.

Secret Sentence is postponedindefinitelyy. I was hoping that the winner of it was going to send me a sentence. Even so, I just wasn't feeling the same about it. Just plain old blogging for now. I was thinking about doing something else. It's a little more fun to me. I don't even know how I came up with the idea. I'll have to get back on it though.

Last night and old friend came to visit me. The fluffy, white stuff, that falls from the sky. Yes this friend fell, and fell, and his friend Mr.Windd was blowing him sideways into my nose. I couldn't see a thing when I was walking home, and then it happened.

Snow, my dear friend snow

You left me here and I didn't know...

If you'd come back this winter, or if you had to go

At one point I put away my winter coat

It got so warm I lost my sore throat

You must have ran away with Ms. Cold

You can't live without her is whatI'mm told

Now your back and last night you gave me a gift

You surprised me, because you hid it

underneath your pile of white fluff

what doesn't kill you makes you tough

I must say I can't dance

but my pal snow you made me prance

not once, not twice, not three, but four

Ms. Ice almost had me once more

Her dances are just too much

they can break some bones or break your butt

I must say you tricked me well

I hurt my legs, but I never fell

I think the bags in my hand kept me somewhat balanced, because they were heavy. The last time that I slipped was a pretty bad slip.That'ss where I hurt my left leg, and this morning I realized that the bone in my left foot was hurting too. I am a Desperatee Car Needer".

I just want to think Brandy for making this animated Gif for me. It's so cool! She made another one for me in all Capitals, but I like this one more. Thanx Brandy


Chris said...

That Tops card looks exactly like my BiLo card....wonder if they are owned by the same company.

Funny poem on snow dude.

My Most Recent Entry 2/06/06

Jackie said...

We didn't get snow here, but it turned cold again. And... I LOST MY GLOVES SOMEHOW COMING HOME FROM WORK! WAAAH!

As for stuff in my wallet (other than all that cash :::cough:::), I also have a Wegmans card. Supermarketwise, I also have Pathmark, Stop 'n Shop, Acme cards. I have Blockbuster and Hollywood Video cards, but haven't rented in years. I occasionally check out their used DVD sales. I have a sandwich card from a local place - buy ten and get one free.

The Dark Lord Omz said...

We are so lucky that we haven't gotten a lot of snow.

The blackness happens man. I've been there since I've come home from Colorado. When I get in this mood, I wait and wait, and one day i wake up and voila it's all gone. Good luck my brother!

dawn said...

i couldn't even list all in my wallet it would take up two pages. I'm from the city and no snow here. Cheer up Springs around the corner and all will be right with the world again. I promise