Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Limited Space In My Wallet (Remixed)

I decided to put a previous entry from my AOL journal here. So What do you have in your wallet?

Limited Space In My Wallet-June 29, 2005

I was sitting at home watching T.V. (I was actually enjoying the commercials more than the shows) Then one of those stupid Capital One commercials came on asking, "What's In Your Wallet". So then I began to enter into one of my Hmmmm modes and started to look in my wallet and I noticed that I have a lot of cards in my wallet, but most of them save me money instead of giving it to me! I wish one of them could give me money free don't you! It also got me to thinking, "How many club cards are out there in the world?

Here's the ones that I could come up with:

1. Library card (Yes): This card started it all. You have to join in order to take out books, and you better bring them back on time or your butt is screwed, because you have to pay a late fee.

2. Blockbuster Card: They used to have a late fee(I wonder what's the Catch). Now you can keep it as long as you want.

3. Hollywood Video

4. Ahold Stores (Tops, Martins, Giant's "Bonus Cards")

5. Wegmans "Shoppers Club Card"(Tops competition)

6. CVS's "Extra Care Card" 7. Dicks "Score Card"

8. Best Buys "reward zone" Card

9. Piercing Pagoda card(I had this card until I got rid of my ear piercing)

10. Foot locker

That's how many I have in my brain, a little over half of those are in my wallet,whetss in yours and how many can you think of or are aware of?

February 7, 2006
I have another card to add to that list. Regal Cinemas Card, I don't even use that card. I haven't been to the movies in awhile, and the last few times I went I forgot to use the damn thing, and the clerk didn't even mention it. "Would you like to get a combo today sir"? "Would you like to by a bag of JuJu's with that"? The "card" is just frustrating! Now that I think about it, I think I would rather have cards, than eyes. In the Movie "Minority Report" there were scanners, that scanned peoples eyes, to see who they are, and what they purchased, so they could make an offer to that customer. It seemed so real, as if it could happen some day. Creepy! Like a violation!

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Journally Yours, Gem ;-) said...

Interesting what you have in your wallet! mine changes all the time
Gem :-D