Monday, April 30, 2007

A-Z Questions.

I was tagged by Shari! I didn't even know it because I had been a little distracted and haven't really done any blogging of any kind. I got a lot of things to write about, but no motivation.

A- Available or Single?

Single (don't wanna be)
B- Best Friend.
Miss her
C- Chocolate cake or chocolate pie?
Cake (Wonder what Chocolate pie taste like!)
D- Dress up or casual? (your typical attire)
Casual, You'd only catch me in Dress clothes at an interview, wedding or my funeral.
E- Essential Item.
My playstations 2 and 3.
F- Favorite Color.
I typed with it! Oh and red.
G- Gummi Bears or Worms.
Worms, but I can't eat them right now. (sigh)
H- Hobbies
blogging, reading, gaming, gaming and more gaming, listening to music. I would like to start riding a bicycle again.
I- Indulgence
J- January or February
January, because it's warmer. LMAO February can be bone-chilling.
K- Kids
I hope someday that the answer to my prayer is yes.
L- Life is incomplete without…
purpose, and finding that special someone

M- Money or Love (unlimited)choose only one.
Definitely Love! Money doesn't last, but I believe even through death my love will still be there.
N- Night Owl or Morning Person
Night Owl-i'm Zombie Charles in the morning.
O- Oranges or Apples?
P- Phobias/Fears.
Heights, and large crowds
Q-Quote personally from you.
I don't have a personal quote. You can quote me on that.
R- Rock Star or Actor (which would you be?)
Actor, well a voice actor anyways.

S- Share something you've learned recently
I learned that I think differently from other people. I see things differently from the majority and for that I am on the outside looking in. It's alright though, sometimes it can be like watching a movie.
T- Tag Three People.
They won't do this but. Ari, Omar, and Chelle.
U- Unknown or little known fact about you.
My right ear is slightly deformed. No one wouldn't notice it unless I mention it.
V– Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals.
Oppressor! Animal flesh...Yummy
W- Worst habit/habits.
I pick my bottom lip when I become worried about things. Sometimes until it bleeds.
I don't play tic tac toe anymore.
Y- Your "first love" ...what was their name?
Pon, but she didn't feel the same way as I did.
Z- Zodiac sign
The Twins!


Ari said...

Nobody tells me what I will or won't do!

Hey guess what? I can comment now! Wheeeeeeeeeeee


P.S. You got a PS3?! Before me?!

shari said...

re: "Animal flesh...Yummy"

Jeff said...

How many bottom lips do you have, Charles? (Read what you wrote). lol

Chelle said...

What do you MEAN! I won't do it..... ::sigh:: You should know me a little better then that young man!!! ::smiles::

Now, I will go do it big boy... ::winks::

Charles said...

LMAO, I didn't notice it. I had wrote lips as in my top lip and bottom lip, but then I changed it, because I rarely ever pick at my top lip. Thanx Jeff, i'll change it.