Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

I haven't did a T-13 in a long, long while so I thought it would be fun to do one again

Here We Go!

Thirteen Questions I am tired of hearing at work!

1. Do you have a bathroom? Yes and before you ask me where it is let me just stab my pen into my brain, in the direction you should go.

2. Are you open? If I wasn't, then why am I standing here.

3. Is tonight the Mega Millions or the Lotto? For the last time, Mega is on Tuesdays and Fridays, and the New York State Lottery is on Wednesdays and Saturdays. How many times have I told you JEESH!

4. Where are the shopping carts? You just came from outside right???

5. What time is your Citizen's Bank open 'til? First off, it's not my bank and second, if you are a member shouldn't you know already?

6. What time does your bottle return area close? HELLO, it's at the desk? What time does the desk close?

7. What time do you stop doing Western Union? Read number six!

8. How do I get to your store? Do I look like a map?

9. (question I have to ask) Good morning/afternoon/evening Thank you for calling _______ This is Charles speaking, how may I help you?

10. Do you sell Darien Lake tickets? NO haven't in years.

11. Do you sell Kegs? Get your drink on somewhere else!

12. (during a holiday week) What time does your store close? 6O'clock 6O'clock 6O'clock 6O'clock 6O'clock 9 O'clock 9 O'clock 9 O'clock 9 O'clock 9 O'clock. Sometimes during the holidays when we are open regular hours and I get asked that question. When I tell them we are open our regular hours they ask, "what time is that"? grrr

13. Can I get a roll of quarters from you? When I tell them no that I don't have it, they get mad, and throw a tantrum. Once I really said what I felt. "We are not a bank sir"! I felt so much better afterwards.


Two Write Hands said...

Sometimes customers are so clueless. I've been there, and feel your pain.

Jeff said...

Maybe you should have a stack of customer handbooks next to the carts. Then, when they ask you where the carts are, you can tell them to make sure they pick up a handbook. IT can answer the rest of those pathetic questions.

shari said...

It's time to move on, Charles.... :)
I know, it's easier said than done, but there's only so much you should have to endure over and over and over and ....

Chris said... guys still have a bottle return? When I started in the grocery industry in 1984, we still had the bottles and one of my first jobs was working the bottle room, sorting them by size and brand.

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