Monday, April 23, 2007

Something That Reminds Me of You

I have been blogging for a little over two years now, and I feel that I have gotten to know some people through their blogs. Some are still here while others have either left or are basically on there way out and haven't come to terms with it yet. Either way I still think about them, and how some of there posts have impacted my life and a memorable way. Hey whether you are here or not, or whether or not you still read me I still read you, and for some reason, sometimes I find that I see things that remind me of certain bloggers and there blogs.

See if you can figure these three pictures out before you click them to find out who they remind me of whenever I see them.

When I first saw this first one, I instantly came up with the idea for this post.

Did I mention that I have been planning to do this for months. I had been itching to scratch this instant lottery ticket.

Saw this one on the way to work almost everyday that I walked on the particular route that it's on to get to work. I smiled every time that I saw it, and thought to myself, "That's so Wrong" (LOL).

If you knew the next bloggers screen-name than you'd know why the next item always reminds me of him. LMAO

This is actually margarine and not butter, but it still has the same effect.

Those are some of a few things that remind me of bloggers out there. There is more though.

If I turn on a TV and Star Trek is on, the first person that come to mind is Deslily. She knew Deforest Kelly, which is SO cool. I never pictured him as any other character other Than Doctor McCoy. I stood corrected when I read one of her blog posts about other films and TV shows that he did.

When I watch a cooking show like Rachel Ray, I think of Chris. The way he talks about the foods he cook makes me hungry and makes me wish that I could teleport to his house when he has a barbecue.

When I look at my yard I think about Chelle, because our yard is in bad condition, and whenever I hear about how she is going to hook hers up and what not, it makes me wish that I could make a garden or that I could walk into my back yard and see deer or exotic birds that we don't have here where I live.

All of you have something special or a gift or a talent, or even a blessing that I wish I could have at least fraction of.

For the record, I finally scratched the bedazzled ticket. I lost! Better luck next time.

Hey if you don't have any inspiration for a blog post, why not give this a shot.



Chris said...

I knew all three right away, and I miss all three dearly. It's not the same without their humor and fun, is it?

I can't teleport ya but one day I might have to have Alexis vaccuum pack so bbq, pack it with dry ice, and ship it to you:)

It is like everyone got so busy so quick. I hope that everything is going ok with you.

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Chelle said...

Okies, when I get a chance I will do just this. :oD What a fantastic idear!!! hehehehe


I dunno when, howevah, softball is my life right now.... BOOO YAHHHHH hehehehe

Jod{i} said...

Yeah I am a baby...lmao
I knew all three
Bedazzled is still around and Ari has been posting...But the Lord Of Butter...seems aloof...

I like the idea...Hmmmm will have to keep this in my little noggin and start catching those llittle things that remind me of the others...


shari said...

Wow. You have some great blog links.... I checked out a few and am really moved.... and impressed by the depth thereof.

DesLily said...

awww thanks for thinking of me! I don't comment as much with very many.. I just run out of time or when I have it my brother is more demanding... sometimes I have a really hard time getting any up on my own site... but i read when I can!..

shari said...

Hey--I tagged you the other day....