Friday, April 13, 2007

Bring Back The Cords

The mouse connected to my PC is in its last days. So last month on March 23rd, I decided that I needed a new one. I went to my favorite store (Best Buy) to buy one and Photoshop Elements 5.0 as well. When I got to the section an Employee came over and asked me if their was any particular type of mouse that I was looking for. I told him not really, and then he started point out different types of mouses their were. Most of the ones he pointed out were Cordless.

I like the idea of living comfortably, but I don't need everything in my life made easy. Especially if it will cost me, and I'm not talking about the price of the mouse either. If I buy a cordless mouse, that means it would require me to plug it in somewhere to charge it. That means another spot on my Surge protector that I do NOT have.
  • Cable Modem
  • Speakers
  • Monitor
  • Computer
  • Printer/fax
  • Lamp
Besides, that would mean I'd have to waste more electricity when I could just plug one with a cord into the back of my computer. So finally I tell him that I don't want a cordless mouse. He tells me okay and he points to the three (Yes THREE) standard mouses on there shelves. None of them really matched the color scheme of my PC so I sat there trying to see if I could find any other "mice" cords on the shelves.

What happened next was hinted on my April 9th, 2007 post. I'm kinda used to that, but to actually hear the guy who "helped" me whispering that he was watching me, was upsetting. But that is not what this post is about.

Finally I just picked one because of the conversation that I heard, and took my stuff to the front to pay and leave.

My point is everything is going cordless. We have our phones, we have our remotes, we have our car starters, we have our video game controllers (i'm gonna take a look around the house), hand-held video game systems, Cell-phones, MP3's, speakers, headphones, and headsets. I probably didn't even cover everything, and these alone can make your electric company happy.

I think I can only go so far into the 21st century. I'm happy not being up to date with with all of these technological Marvels. Save some money in the process too.

Hey Corporate America, Everyone in the World isn't rich. Bring back the cords!


shari said...

Rickey handles all that jumbled mega-mess of wires that gets plugged in and connected to everything under my desk so I hadn't thought about having to plug something in for the cordless mouse. I do know that the thing has to be aimed at it's "signal base" and reset for no apparent reason at times and that you have to replace batteries at inconvenient times. Cordless isn't everything that's for sure.

Chelle said...

Everyone keeps watching you cause they can't believe how such a sexy handsome hunk o chocolate is still single... ::smiles::


Chris said...

Chelle, quit humpin' Charles' leg! (ha ha)

I have a wireless keyboard and mouse for my laptop. I use the keyboard (my home set up is too far from the laptop keyboard) but use a corded mouse instead of the wireless one.

Wireless devices are just another battery to die right when you need the device to be working.