Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'm Not Open...Now, There Their It's Alright

I've always realized that the English language had words that are pronounced the same way, but with different meanings.


are-our (kind of)






I admit that the words "are" and "our" throw me off once and awhile, but the two words that always seem to get me ARE "there" and "their". They always catch me in THEIR web of similarities. I bet if you look back in all of my post I used the context of those to words in the wrong way. I'm probably using it the wrong way now. Lately I have been trying very hard to use those two deceptive words the way they are (they're LOL) supposed to be used. I never realized something so silly could be so hard. I didn't care I would just put up any THERE OR THEIR up like an Osbourne would say a swearword. Was I trying to make a point??? Probably not, but I challenge any of you who don't have A degree in the English language to write a post using THERE or THEIR the right way. Before you do, check all of your previous posts.

There-Referring to a place that has already been mentioned.
Their-Belonging to them or belonging to a thing.

Last night after I had closed, I had a woman who came up and asked if I was closed. She came up earlier to cash in some lottery tickets, and THERE weren't any close signs up. The second time around the signs were up, and I was in the office counting out. I didn't have one sign, not two signs-I had three close signs on the counter top of our desk. I wasn't even out on the floor. I was in the office counting out. Am I closed?


Obviously, yet she kept asking if I was closed. She was short, but not short enough that she couldn't see the signs. I was back in the office trying to decide whether or not to step out onto the desk and tell her that I was closed. As usual though, I was analyzing the possibility that she was smarter than I gave her credit for. She could have either:

1. Been blind as a bat.

2. Dumb as a doorknob

Or three, trying to lure me from the office to ask me to cash her ticket. So I decided that I would stay back THERE and yell to her that I was closed, but for some reason she didn't hear me.

Must have been 4-Deaf as a squid. Finally she walked away and asked someone else, and boy was I relieved.


Jeff said...

She wanted to be an exception. She REALLY wanted some service. People are nervy, aren't they?

Two Write Hands said...

As an English major, I have to say--cute post! :) THERE have got to be easier languages to learn.