Monday, April 09, 2007

This may seem like a video game post

Last Friday, I was supposed to go and visit an acquaintance but I couldn't, because my youngest sister was ill. My mother asked me to stay home and check up on her from time to time. So I agreed, but I told her that I would leave for a little bit and go to a mall to pick up a DVD that I wanted and a game.

When I got to the GameStop at the mall. I asked the clerk if he had Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. He said yes, and got it for me. All while this was happening I noticed his cheerful demeanor had changed. It looked as though he wished that he wasn't there anymore. I was curious, I thought it was something I said, or had done (Did I put deodorant on this morning). I know I did, so it must have been something else. Then I notice him gulp some air and finally he said, "We have to ask for ID now when ever someone buys certain video games".

He then told me that it had something to do with Senator Hillary Clinton wanting to make a law requiring video game stores to proof people that look too young to purchase video games rated Teen or Mature. He said that their store started enforcing the policy so they could get ready when and if it became law. I laughed at him and asked him in a nice way if I looked under thirty. I gave him my ID and said, "sure no problem, I understand, because I proof people at my job". I didn't even know the game had a Mature rating. I discovered after I purchased the game it was because it has beer in it as one of its drinks, and it has some sexual references. I had already knew about the blood and gore.

I thought to myself, what made him nervous about asking me for ID. I know there are some bad apples out there who get upset when you ask for ID, but not when it comes to a video game. This only seems to happen mostly when someone is aching for cigarettes or alcohol. I admit I did feel a little hurt, but not by the question. I felt hurt by his reaction. I kind of felt like he had a bad experience with another African American, and it was stereotyped onto me. He seemed like a nice guy and all, but his reaction made me a little nervous. I was thinking about not going back there, but then I realized that I have gotten the same reaction just about everywhere that I have been (followed or awkward looks as if I don't belong there). Besides, he managed to get me to reserve a copy of the next .Hack game that I have been waiting forever for.

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Jeff said...

I don't know, Charles. Some people just can't stand confrontation of any kind. I think it would have been interesting to hang out there a while and see how he handled the same situation with a white guy.

People don't need to need an alcohol or nicotine fix to be an anal cavity to a store clerk. Some people are just that way (of all races). He is probably very grateful for your understanding.