Friday, September 01, 2006

The Muslims are away, so...

Charles gets to play! I get to play pop a pepperoni in my mouth. The Family (well except my nephew and his mother) is in Chicago at a Islamic convention. Can You say Yay! So I walked up to Papa Johns(even though I prefer Pizza Hut), and got me a Pepperoni Pizza. No I didn't get any extra toppings.

No Beef

No Green Peppers

No Tomatoes

No Chicken

No pineapples

Just a plain pepperoni pizza and "I'm loving it". Unlike yesterday when I had an "experience when I was at McDonald's. I'll write about that next time.

For now, I am just going to leave you with two things.

I declare today Pork day, and my theme song is my Pork Poem.

I'm off to enjoy my pizza!

Here's porking at you kid!


Kelly said...

I had pepperoni pizza for dinner too! It was SO good! Glad you got to enjoy one :-)

DesLily said...

pepperoni pizza! My favorite! You have good taste Charles lol..

"may the pork be with you".. heh

Two Write Hands said...

Here's a great line: You had me at pork.

Hope you enjoyed that pizza!

Charles said...

Kelly, my pizza was/is good too (I have leftoves :)

The pork is in me Deslily. LOL

That is a great line Emily, and I am about to go enjoy some more pepperoni pizza.

Chris said...

Pork rules! I wish I could have sent you one of the sandwiches I had yesterday....

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lil muslim grl who wonders said...

umm........hey! i was just wondering r u muslim???? well i mean is ur family??? cause from reading ur blog, it doesnt sound like ur family is. so i was just wondering is ur family?? plz answer!!!!!

Charles said...

My step-father, my mother, my two youngest sisters, are muslim.

NOT I Says the Charles!

Chelle said...

I could use a good "pork". ROFLMFAO!!!

Journally Yours, Gem ;-) said...

I like Papa Johns!
Muslim?? who's Muslim?? LOL..(no, I already read another comment here asking if you're a Muslim)
I was just adding to the fun of it :-)
Thanks for the McD tip..I'll think twice now if I ever want to go there again (or any other fast food places or restaurant) ok..I'm categorizing...stop me!
Gem :-)