Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A bad Steve, and A missed Steve

Ever had one of those moments when someone did or said something that made you lose your appetite?

Last Thursday before I went to work, I went to McDonalds to get some breakfast. I ordered my usual Bagel, steak and egg value meal, and a egg Mcmuffin with cheese. After the cashier takes my order, she says to the manager, "Steve, were you able to call anyone in".

Steve replies no.

So then the clerk says, "could you try someone else, because I really don't feel to good". At that point I was thinking, "She is handling my food and she's sick". I didn't want my food at that point, but she already put my debit card through, and I didn't feel like going through the process of being an "ass", by asking for my money back.

So Steve, your lucky I didn't get ill, or there would have been a lawsuit, or my hands wrapped around your throat. When someone is sick send them home, we don't want there cooties!

Speaking of a Steve...Crikey, I can't believe Steve Irwin (The crocodile Hunter) is gone. He was fun to watch. He was enthusiastic with his work. He made you want to watch, and now he's gone. It's funny, because he famous line was involved in some "brother bonding" between my brother Jevon and I.

One day Jevon;For some reason decided that he would be "Steve Irwin" for a couple of hours (Jevon used to imitate The Rock too). He kept saying "Aye Crikey", and the way he said it would have me rolling. You know what's worse, I tried imitating Steve and the best I could do is a British accent (Steve's Australian). Even then my "Raachester" accent was dominant. It sounded horrible, like a drunk pirate (arrrr).

May Steve Irwin rest in peace, and may his family find peace get through his passing and eventually find some way of moving onward.


Kelly said...

I'd have to go back and kick that first Steve's ass what kind of a manager lets a sick person announce in front of customers that they are sick?!! And the other Steve thing, I was shocked - and had to laugh when they said "police are keeping the tape as evidence to review" are we going to arrest the stingray?

lil muslim grl who is STILL wondering said...

hey dude.... u neva answered my question from ur last entry. r yall muslim???? comon dude u gotta answer me.

Chelle said...

LOL @ lil muslim NOT reading to get the answer. I KNOW I KNOW the answer! Cause I read. ::smirks:: Ok, that was WAY mean, but then today I wanna poke people in the eyes with forks. ::evil laugh::

I still can't believe HOW Steve went. I mean for the stingray to PIERCE his heart? WOW! Just proves, when it is your time, it is your time.

::makes note to buy new forks and gloves to hide finger prints::

Journally Yours, Gem ;-) said...

Hi there Charles,
How are you? sorry, I haven't been by in a loong time. Living life got ahold of me! :-)
wonderful entry here...I mean I just like the down to earth and honesty of it..speaking from your mind :-)
yeah, that manager (& Mcdonalds) was lucky! I can't believe they allow someone to work when the employee is expressing they're sick..in front of a customer.

I have heard about Steve's passing yesterday, I haven't gotten to read the full story. Shocking and so sad.

Take care,
Gem :-)

Jeff said...

At least she wasn't cooking the food (sneezing, coughing and whatnot). It was wrapped up when she touched it, no?

Charles said...

Not the hash brown.

lil muslim grl again ::hehe:: said...

chelle ur mean.hehehe i dont mind, but still that was meany.ok hey in his blog it DOESNT sound like his family is muslim, and he doesnt sound muslim either.o well byebye ppls

Charles said...

Ummmm, if I am eating pork, then that means that I am NOT Muslim!

Like I said before, my family went to Chicago for that Islamic convention.

They ARE Muslim (with some exceptions, my sisters have to grow up and be allowed to make there own decisions first), and i'm NOT!

Again, I am not Muslim. I don't even see where I wrote about my family that makes you think they aren't. People are human, no matter what beliefs you may have, I guarantee there is something that people are doing that goes against there religous books (Bible, Koran, New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, and any other holy books I may have left out).

lil muslim grl said...

i bet yall r sick of me but HEY i gotta annoy someone. sheesh yall r mean.......

Chris said...

I remember watching the Croc hunter with Brett when he was Trevor's age. I can't believe he is going to be 18 in November.

You haven't posted in a while....umm, are ya sick? (ha ha)

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