Saturday, September 02, 2006

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming!

If there is anyone who wants to join my fantasy football league (Bloggers 'R' Us) let me know.

The "Commish" plays fairly, and I won't be the first to pick (I hope that I won't). If you want to join in, I have about 5 more spots available, and 7 if I don't get a response from the two others (Where oh where are OMZ and Stephaine) that I invited.

I'd be happy if you join, and maybe we can talk smack to each other. It doesn't matter if you know football or not. Heck I'll give you some tips on picks if you want. Honestly its my chance at a social activity. I need to become more social. I need to let people in.

My email for this is

The live draft is Sunday at 5pm.


Pugs said...

hmmm.. I think I'll give that one a miss charles, your to good for me at kicking footballs.. lol
Sorry it's been a while but been busy these last couple of weeks.

Bedazzzled1 said...

Yay! I got to vote on your blog while surfing BlogMad! It was the first time I had seen it, but I rarely get the chance to surf for very long. (Yessss, I gave it a good rating!)


Oh, and I don't "do" football. Bring on the basketball...woot!

Chelle said...

Word on the street is that Shivering Infernal team is going all the way. Yup, that's what I heard.