Thursday, August 31, 2006

Could someone please HELP

Sometimes I just don't understand how people come to there conclusions. Sure everyone has a right to there own opinion, but sometimes other people's perspectives (another form of O.P.P. LMAO) can just hurt, my brain.

Okay, imagine that you were me for a moment. A woman is next in line, and she wants to pay on her phone bill. You ring it up and you tender it out. Then you go to grab her change (here comes the questions).

How do you pick out her change?

Do you give her some of the best change in your drawer?

Do you give her some of the worst change in your drawer?


Do you just hand her the first thing you grab, so you can move on and help the next person?

What would you do?

Mind you that it is busy as hell, and everyone wants to be helped too!

I did the latter! I'm not being picky, i'm not being snotty, and i'm just trying to get you in and out.

There are days when you get some good coins, and there are days when you get some coins that you wish the previous owner had cleaned with some CLR.

You can't have everything you want, when you want it, but this woman thinks that i'm out to get her or something.

I hand her the change, and she looks at a penny and says that I gave her the penny on purpose, because I hate her. I don't even know the freakin' lady. The woman is sitting there throwing a fit, because I gave her a dirty penny. Then she asks me to give her a different one. This one is tarnished, but its not as bad as the other one.

"This one is as dirty as the other one". For Pete's sake Lady there are seven other people in line who don't care about getting a dirty penny, they just want to be helped. I told her a penny is a penny and moved on.

If a dirty penny is ruining your day, than you must not have anything else to complain about. Either that or your petty!

As a final note: I am looking for someone to join me and two others in a Yahoo fantasy football league. Anyone interested, email me or leave a comment here.

P.S. I started up my other blog. "My Elusive Dream" It's not much, but I am working on it, and myself.


Kelly said...

ah, working on ourselves - that is definitely an ongoing project!

Chelle said...

So, like, do I hafta know about football to join? LOL!

And I found a lucky penny today! and it proved TO BE JUST THAT!! YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY!

DesLily said...

gosh.. how nice it must be to have nothing more to be concerned over then a dirty penny!

Ari said...

Sheesh, what a silly thing to worry about! Who cares about a penny?

You just keep on keeping on. Just realize that there's lots of different people out there with strange notions. They're all crazy if you ask me. Crazy, I tell ya.


Jod{i} said...

Its not you!
SOmeone needs to get a life, and that person is NOT you!

Two Write Hands said...

I feel for you. That customer needs an attitude adjustment. Do you have those take-a-penny leave-a-penny thingies? You could tell her to search till she finds a penny that doesn't offend her, and move on to help the other people who are waiting.

Jeff said...

You can't understand neurosis; it just is.

I will join your yahoo league. I am in a couple of others so what's one more.

Chris said...

Sounds like the woman is crazy or unbalanced. I am willing to bet that her car was a mess.....

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