Thursday, September 28, 2006

What is Newsworthy?

The bank at my job was robbed this week!

It happened and just about everyone was oblivious of this, except the people at the bank. My co-worker and I was chatting about things going on in our life, and all of a sudden we see police officers dart inside. In shock we say, "what's going on". No one seemed to know, and then more police officers come in to the store. Then a couple of detectives come inside. At this point all of the cops are down at the bank talking to the employees there. Then it occurs to us what is happening. My co-worker goes outside to look at how many cop cars are out there. She comes back inside and says, "there are a lot of police cars outside, you should go see". I go out there and I see about seven squad cars, and three unmarked cars.

How does a person come into a bank and rob it without no one knowing though and while during the day. It was bold for that person to do it, that person must have been crazy, or an addict. I didn't see anything suspicious at all. I heard that the crook got away with about $1000, and is still at large. I hope they get this crook so that they won't rob anyone again. You'd think that it would be on the news, but it wasn't. I guess robbing a bank isn't news anymore. At least tell people that there is a possible threat out there. A small section in a paper, ten seconds on news show, something (be community driven). No telling what this person will do next time.

What is newsworthy?

What does it take?

Probably three men in full blown body armor, with automatic weapons, shooting up the place.

Seriously though, what do you think would make the news.

A person dying from cancer, that needs a bone marrow transplant.


Several people infected with a mysterious illness that ISN'T life threatening.

It's just sometimes I see stuff on the news that doesn't really need to be. We went months here hearing about J-Mac's performance in his final high school basketball game. I know he is autistic and I know what he did is awe inspiring, but to here it over and over again, it was well...too much.

I'm not trying to be insensitive, but there is more to life than "Shock and Awe".


Anonymous said...

Sometimes it seems that only the most extreme things impress people anymore...

I had a moment like that myself this week - the boys and I were watching the news and there was this short bit about some local high schoolers who had a project going to collect & refurbish old computers for high schools in third world countries... *I* thought it was a refreshing piece of news and a welcome break from all the violence - but the boys started saying things like "That's not news..." "Who cares about that..." and "Isn't news supposed to be about what affect our lives...?" I *really* wanted to slap them silly... I felt that was a pretty important piece of news to *me*, since now I can give my old computer up to a good cause, rather than waste it on a junkpile...

I wish there were more news stories like that one... It might encourage people to *think* about being part of a greater community...

Chelle said...

Actually it is quite a brilliant idea to do it in the middle of the day when it is so busy. See how you had no idea and they got away? No one being the wiser? Pretty fart smeller there.

If only people like that can use their minds for good instead of bad. Many of those who do some crimes are very bright and intelligent, just in a bad way and never learned how to channel that brilliance.

Any who. I still think people suck.


DesLily said...

well, i'm glad no one knew and no one got hurt! It seems many robbers kill for a lot less then what they got.

Ari said...

Okay, you've just made my day. Now, I'm totally happy I didn't get that job at the bank. Whew, that's scary


Jod{i} said...

I have to agree Charles! THe nedia goes with what sells, and I forget which movie(as I just woke up) Where they say, "Blood Sells"...and it does, and the more they can mkake it appear to be fantastic and right out of the movies...the more they push it and give the five minute blurb to the great nice human interest story.

Of course the majority of the public is 'addicted' to it as well--We watch it right?

Nice thought provoking entry CHarles!

ChasingMoksha said...

Our current government, Bush and his cronies are in charge of the media. Nothing but what they find newsworthy is permitted. It is ashamed that a local station did not pick up the story. But hey, the name of the game is fear, and robbing banks don't instill the fear like Arabic boogiemen! Oh yeah, and torture!

Jeannette said...

What makes the news? Well, it seems anything to do with nudity or sex or violence nowadays. I got rid of my television because I can't stand the media and the way it's used to portray the world. Let's see some happy news! I'm glad no-one was hurt in the robbery, that's why it didn't make the news I expect, they want drama, people shot etc!

Chris said...

It seems like around here, bank robberies only get coverage when it is a string of them.

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