Monday, September 18, 2006

Mini-Video Game Hiatus

It's been nearly a week again.


I thought I would be posting regularly again, but I guess work has been draining me emotionally. For that reason I decided to keep from posting, unless you want to here a slab of whining and complaining.

"I'm tired"

"Someone please kill me"

"I wish I could have when that stupid Mega Millions jackpot" (I won a lousy three dollars)

Yes work does this to you, unless you have employment that you enjoy.

So I bet you have been wondering what I have been up to the last six days. No I didn't think so either, but I will tell you anyways.

I have been entertaining myself with an old video game, that I told myself that I would never beat. Of course, I decided to use the guide, because I didn't want to miss out on some of the hidden stuff.

What is the game called?


Well actually it's Xenosaga II. I already beat the first one, without the guide book mind you. It's a good game and all, it's kind of like final fantasy.

Anyways I beat the main storyline of the game, but there are some hidden bosses (one of which reminds me of Voltron or The Power Rangers Mega Zord) more powerful than the "final boss" and other side-quests or "Mini-Games" that I want to finish up before I go and buy the third and final Xenosaga game. The mini-games in this game are called "Good Samaritan". You go around helping people in need, and you get rewarded for it. Well I am on GS campaign #32 (For The Captain). Captain Matthews runs a ship that he kind of owns called the Elsa. Well The captain has run up a HUGE debt.


It's up to YOU to pay off his debt. Well I am doing this the way the guide suggested. Unlike your everyday garden variety video game, you have the luxury of fighting "The Patriarch" (final boss) over and over again as much as you want without having to start the game all over, or in some cases starting where you left off, at the same level of strength you were at where you last saved it. In Xenosaga 2, I get to fight Patriarch over and over again as much as I want and I can save it when I am done and then start back on the Elsa just before the battle begins. In fact after the battle I get more experience points which levels my players up and make them stronger.

Well I have to keep fighting the Patriarch so I can get a rare item from him Called Awakening IV. It's worth 500,000G. If you do the math, I have to fight the boss roughly 20 times.

I'm having fun with it though, because I get to see the final scenes of the game. This game have some good quotes, that could rival some of the greatest movies, but towards the end they get better. The scenes at the end are the best scenes of the game in fact I now have a new favorite quote thanks to the funny, and cracked character called Albedo. His character steals the show. In fact most of his quotes were memorable.

My favorite quote used to be from Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan. Kirk tells Khan:

Still, "old friend." You've managed to kill everyone else but like a poor marksman, you keep missing the target.

Picture this:

Albedo was struck down by a beam of energy from a giant weapon called Proto Omega. He starts laughing and says that these people are amazing, because they are trying to "wipe him from the cosmos". Albedo is immortal, so he doesn't feel any pain as his body is slowly being disintegrated. Albedo is sitting there laughing as his twin brother and "bitter enemy" Rubedo (one of the playable characters of the game) runs up towards him. Albedo's last words before he is completely vaporized is, "Hey, Rubedo. Don't forget to breathe deep and inhale the particles that composed me." Then he continues with his maniacal/evil laughter until his body is no more.

I LOVED THAT quote, IT WAS GOOD. It kind of reminds me of something I'd say at some point.

If you were wondering, this is what I have been up too lately. Nine "Awakening IV's" down, eleven more to go.

Who knows maybe I will be back tomorrow, maybe next Tuesday. I will be back though. Oh and by the way to my fantasy football opponents, I'm going to be 2-0 now. I'm on a roll now You can't stop me. Plus I did it without one of my better players (Steve Smith). What do you have to say about that.


Chelle said...

all I have to say is that, no matter who I pick they get hurt. ROFLMFAO! Yup, Jinx. That's ok, I'm going to kick ASS on my fantasy hockey league. Dare to join?

Jeff said...

Well, you beat me. That's not saying much, though. I am having a rough year in all my leagues.

Kelly said...

i went all weekend without playing a game and it almost killed me!

DesLily said...

"I'm a doctor,not a game player"
(I bet you knew I'd say that! lol)