Monday, September 25, 2006

Rant (I couldn't resist)

I don't think there is a such thing as a coincidence anymore. I know I said this before in a different way, but sometimes it seems life is a written book.


One day last week when I came home from work, Seinfeld happened to be on TV (The TV was on and no one was home by the way), and for some reason I listened to it while I was putting away some groceries that I bought. Jerry was trying his darndest to watch the Mets game that he taped on his VCR, and he didn't want to know the score until he was finished watching it. Every time He would pick up the phone and talk to someone, he would tell them that he taped the game, and he didn't want no one to tell him the score. Along comes Kramer, and he blurts it out, this in turn makes Jerry upset, and he loses any motivation he had to watch it. He didn't want to know the score, because it would ruin any suspense to the game. If you know the score, than you basically know the ending. For a show that is about "Nothing" I found myself relating to something. That is exactly how I feel, and I thought to myself that I hope that this doesn't ever happen to me.

T S O I #1(Tie-In story of importance):

About three years back, my boss lady couldn't find anyone that wanted to work on Sunday morning that was reliable. So she asked me if I wanted to do it, seeing how I want to see my Bills play (Go bills). "Sure Thing", I agree and she said it was mines. All parties were in agreement, that's the end of that right?


Here comes everyone requesting Sunday off ("Oh I have to go to a baby shower". "I have to go out of town". I'm being forced to go to a party". blah-blah-blah). There goes my Sunday Football down the drain. Boss lady and her assistant and one other person in my department are exempt from working on Sundays, because there full-time, and they have no problem with this. I have a problem, because Sunday mornings are suppose to be mines. There is me and Four others in our department, and one of them works in the office on Sunday. So that leaves me and three others. Guess what...We have to have an Opener(1), A Mid-shift(2), and a closer(3). So this leaves two others in reserve. One of them happens to run the front-end primarily, so we can eliminate her from this. One person is in reserve. What happens when someone gets taken out of work for some reason?


For the record, it's the part-timer that works in the office on Sundays that is out of work. My three other co-workers have been requesting Sunday off, or asking if they can open. So where does that leave me. I end up as the closer, while my boss lady or her assistant rotate between opening in the office and opening the desk for these last few weeks (Did I mention that they aren't supposed to work on Sundays because they would get time and a half).

T S O I #2

Saturday night, I decide that since I have to close the desk, I will tape the game. Guess what pops in my head? That episode of Seinfeld! I was hoping and praying that I wouldn't here anyone say who won or who lost, or what the freakin' score was. I just wanted to enjoy the game.

Bringing it all together:

Sunday afternoon, one of my regular customers comes up to the desk to play her numbers. I was upset, because I was missing the game. I guess it must of been noticeable, because she asked me what was wrong, I told her, and she started toying with me (well actually flirting...long story). She kept asking me if she could tell me the score and I kept saying NO. I explained to her that I was taping the game and I wanted to go home and see it, so finally she let me be and we both laughed it off. I guess another customer overheard our conversation and when I went over to do his bottles for him, he blurts out, "The Bills Lost, hey I couldn't resist".


How can you not resist, what you don't have any freaking will power.

Hey Dumbass!

If a woman came up to you and she had Gonorrhea and you don't have any protection, are you gonna just hop in the sack with her with her because you couldn't resist? I can see your epitaph now, "'Dumbass' couldn't resist a dare, even if it meant Jumping from atop Niagara Falls".

Well Mr. Dumbass your lucky I CAN resist my temptations. Mr. Dumbass your lucky that my job was motivation enough to keep me from doing some of the worst possible torture I could think of. Like sticking a shard of glass in just the right spot so you wouldn't ever speak again.

Your LUCKY I was able to restrain the very spiteful, and malevolent side of myself. I come into work and I serve these people, you think they would have the common sense, and the common courtesy to respect my wishes. I work my butt off to serve them, so don't I deserve to be able to come home, unwind, and enjoy myself after a hard days work. I guess Not! Sometimes I wish I had the ability to make people to see things through my eyes.


Chelle said...

Charles, lets you and I both go on strike from helping stupid uncaring customers! They think it's funny, UNTIL it happens to them then the whole world hears about it for months ON END. The I'm better then you and you need to know and blah blah blah.

yes, i am in a mood today. no, I am not posting at the moment as everyone can suck my toe jam!


Here is your excuse for Sunday. You have to help a good person with her hockey league. ::smiles:: Wait, did I say good? huh I'll get back to you on that one.

You could call in stressed, I'm about to call in mental. LOL LOL LOL LOL ::rocks back n forth humming::

Kelly said...

OY! Some people! I'm so sorry the dumbass ruined it for you - and it sucks that you have gotten screwed out of your Sunday mornings! You would think loyalty would count for something!

Journally Yours, Gem ;-) said...

Hi Charles,
oh..geez! you know what? I was reading this entry quietly up until to the line where you became mad (I suddenly hear you yelling and screaming!lol) because the D*A** customer couldn't keep his mouth shut. That was mean of him to do that..that was arrogant of him...yeah..I would've smacked him right out..!

Are you still working at this same place? Don't you think it's time for them to give you Sunday nights off?
You're too nice to be working on days where you should just be home enjoying your games and relax.
Anyway....I still can hear you being mad (beyond mad actually) with that customer.
Gem :-)

Jeff said...

That's the worst! I remember going to my high school basketball games and taping college hoops (my beloved Indiana University) to watch later. The PA announcer decided to announce the IU score during the game. The next time, I went down there and asked him not to announce it because some folks are taping it. He agreed and announced it anyway. I had to plug my ears and sing to avoid the score!

Ari said...

Awww man, that's awful. Some people are rude like that. I promise I will never tell you the outcome to any type of sports game whatsoever. Mainly because, I don't watch them. :) So you're safe with me.