Friday, July 21, 2006

Updates and Thanx and Such

I was supposed to do a some of these updates weeks ago, one of which was two days before my birthday.


I don't know if ya'll remember when I went out on a mission to keep the change that people didn't want. Well, it didn't work out. I ended up with a dollar and twelve cents. So I couldn't prove a point with that, but I will be able to prove a point with the change I kept from my dough.


Moksha (she asked me to give an update about this awhile back) I made a new template for the overage/shortage sheet at work for my boss lady. When gave it to her she was delighted. I was hoping that it would make me feel at least a little bit like I belong up there, but nothing changed. I don't know what to do, other than leave the department. I don't think its all them, I think its partly my way of thinking. I think I am not thinking this through clearly. Which brings up my...


I want to thank
Chris for telling me about "The Six Pillars Of Self-Esteem". I bought the book this week and I am looking forward to reading it. I noticed something though, I would have been better off buying it at rather than Borders Bookstore. I would have saved $5.95 if I bought it online. I haven't read much of it yet, because I have been working and getting ready for my friends wedding. A lot of the things Nathaniel Branden said in his book made sense to me so far. My illusions in regards to love: The vignettes he had about what we see and what is real, really opened my eyes. I think it may help me! I may have to pimp Chris' blog next.


Noticed Something??? I took Ablah's picture of me off of the About Me Section and replaced it with a real picture. My sister felt embarrassed of her drawing, so I had to respect her wishes. I loved it, but she either never see how genuine my feelings are, or she just doesn't care.


I put up a poll in my journal asking everyone, if they think I should buy a car. The results are below. It was close, but 41% of the 29 people that participated think I should get a car, and that is what I intend to get. Rather than walking and catching the bus everyday. I like walking, but I can't constantly walk on my bad foot. I hurts too much sometimes.

6th (and final)

The Pimp Joint is free, anyone who wants to hang there, has to do something that catches my attention.
Ari not only helped me find some of my favorite video game songs, but she also was the only person to take the time out and find Charldo. I didn't expect anyone to do this and she surprised me. Who will be the next person to hang at the joint. I have a front runner already in mind, but its still possible for you get in contention.

Well, I'm off to do some blogmad surfing and then get ready for my friends wedding tomorrow.

Until Monday

Enjoy Your Weekend!


The Dark Lord Omz said...

Have fun at the wedding. And I think you should pimp Chuck. Because Chuck is the man.

Two Write Hands said...

I will miss the old pic (something way sweet and innocent about the drawing that ALWAYS made me smile) but the pic you have up now is good too.

Chris said...

Love the new picture, Charles.

I'm glad you got the book. It is one of the most mind awakening books I've ever read. You will get to know the real you and how your mind works. One tip, read it with a highlighter in your hand, there's so much great stuff in there. I like to go back to parts I've already read, to re-read the highlights as refreshers.

My Blog

Bobby said...

Concerning point 2, I can relate to that well. I put myself out like that at work and feel as though I should have gotten more. What I realize later on is that I get more in the recognition of my work then in the immediate gratification from it. Try that and see for yourself.

Now for point 4, the drawing looked cool. Real pics are nice, but hand-drawn ones make all the difference. The choice was yours, though, so whatever works, man.

For point 5, a car is the way to go. They help a lot and give an independence all their own. Granted, maintenance is key to them, but with a bum foot, it could not hurt. Go for it if you can.

For point 6, Ari is mad helpful. God bless her, man.

Chelle said...

::sigh:: I suck at finding my shoes, how the heck was I posed to find Chaldo? ::pouts::

Ari said...

But but but... can't I just have a permanent spot in the pimpjoint?! *sniff sniff*

Okay, tis fine. I shall bid that nice little spot adieu. It felt so good to be there. I thank you for the honor. I thank God and all the little people. I thank the animals and the land. And the water. But most of all, I thank myself. Damn, I rock.