Saturday, July 01, 2006

Amazed and Dumbfounded

At work

Saying Wednesday was interesting would be an understatement. First let me just say that it seems like it was meant for me to experience that day, during the specific time period. I was originally scheduled to work at 7am-3:30pm (I actually started at 1pm to keep the same amount of hours), but the closer (3:30pm-9:30pm) got strep throat and everyone else couldn't or didn't want to work that shift.

First up:

A woman goes to the Ladies room to relieve herself. Somehow, and somewhere between sitting down and getting up she, managed to lose her keys. The amazing thing is that she new exactly where they were and she didn't see or here it happening. When I heard about this I was simply amazed that this happened. You know where they fell???

In the toilet!

How can you squat and loose your keys into the toilet. I sat there at the desk trying to figure this out, and I couldn't. First of all you shouldn't have them in your hands, because (this may sound a little gross) you will be wiping. Second, if you don't have pockets where else are you going to put them....

Women have purses, right??

The M.O.D. had to call Mr. Rooter to come in and get them out. Sure enough the plumber pulled the keys out using a snake. Then he supposedly cleaned them off, and brought them to the desk in a plastic bag. I didn't touch them. I was surprised to see that the car remote starter was still working.

Second: (same day)

We recently got some new cashiers. They completed there training and such, and finally they were put on register. They thought everyone was doing fine, until a customer came up to the desk and told us that she thinks that one of the cashiers didn't scan some of her groceries. Some of her groceries, being two bags worth about $22.00. So we think it's an isolated incident, and we tell the person in charge on the front end. An hour later it happens again, and this time it's not as much. Again we make it known that the cashier is making this error, and the person in charge does there best to get this girl to pay attention to what she is doing. Then it happens again, but this time it is in the customers favor, because she doesn't want the item anyways. Again I tell the person in charge, and he literally has to put a more experience cashier by her side to keep an eye on her.

Fast forward to the end of my shift. I am in the cashier's line, waiting to buy some dinner. I have a woman ahead of me, buying a few items. The cashier rings up something at 99 cents (you know where this is going right), and then swipes another item across the scanner. I just sat there and shook my head in my hand and didn't say a thing. The total was still 99 cents and she says this to the customer. Then the customer says, "there is something wrong, it should be more than that" (still shaking my head). Then the cashier says, "oh", and she takes the item out and scans it.

There is a song by Crystal Waters called "Listen For My Beep".

I think she needs to here it's chorus, because she really needs to listen for the registers beep!

At home

First up:

It has been brought to my attention that the creator of the artwork in my about me section isn't happy that I put it there. Ablah told me that she feels embarrassed that I put the picture there. I tried to explain to her that I did it because I loved the picture and that it was my way of showing affection, and thinking about her. A "portrait" if you will. In any case the picture will be coming down eventually, I just have to figure out what I am going to put there. I take such lousy pictures!


About three weeks ago, I watched the Tonight Show, with Jay Leno. On the show he had an Artist named KT Tunstall. I was impressed with her song Black Horse and the Cherry Tree. I was even more impressed (amazed) with her performance. While she was playing a guitar, she was also stomping on a tambourine, while she was playing another instrument in her mouth (when she wasn't singing). I went out on my next day off and bought her album. Right now the first song on the album is my favorite. It's called "Other side of the World". She's not Amel, but she got some skillz.


X. Dell said...

At least you didn't have to put your hand into the toilet to remove the keys.

I'm gonna miss that picture, though. Maybe the artist might reconsider.

Judith said...

First. That bad ass hit you up aside the head, didn't it?

Second. The ass hypnotized you, didn't it?

Third. I told you that you were going to walk through the city naked, didn't I?

I like the picture and you must, MUST I say, at all costs keep it right were it is.

Chelle said...

KT Tunstall - HA HA HA HA... I was asked just today if I KNEW THIS ARTIST!!!! And if I had their CD!! HA HA HA HA HA!!!! TO FUNNY!!!!


Jeannette said...

I think you need to tell the new cashier what we tell ours ..... shape up or ship out! Ugh! Keys down the toilet. How?! Where did she keep them? In her panties?!

DesLily said...

she'd have waited one hellava long time if she'd have thought "I" was going to try to "fish out" her keys!.. good lord!

Charles said...

Oh I didn't mention that they were flushed. That's why we called Mr. Rooter.

Stephaine said...

It's understandable that between the raising and lowering of clothes a cell phone, oops I mean set of keys, could fall in the toilet.

Corinne Baily Rae is pretty good. You should check out her album.

Judith said...

What's it called when ya force a friends head in the commode?

Just wondering...

Damned right I'm still plotting. You're not out of the woods yet, Dude!

Charles said...

I know the word for when you put someones head in a toilet while flushing.